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I'm currently looking for and playing top down action games. Chaos engine, psychon (a ps1 homebrew game) as well as some side scrollers like contra ect. If anyone can recomend any good side scroller and top down shooters on Snes and Mega Drive that would be great.

Anyway, I read on a site that a little know snes game called Vortex was good, so I tried it out and found something suprizing. It's a FX chip game where you play a robot who transforms into a jet and shoots twin lazers at various flying baddies in space. It's basicly starfox light.

Anyone else heard of this?

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just borrowed that game from a friend of mine, It's a side scrolling 2d space shooter, with three ships to chose from, each with 8 lvls of powerups, which upgrade your main weapon and bomb, plus if you hit R, to switch to your laser that replaces your bombs, it upgrades that.

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