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Make fun of a Starfox moment.


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What the tittle says. Have fun!

:fox: I'll go in and diffuse the bomb now.

*Flies Arwing into base*

*Lizard soldier glances at him as he parks his Arwing.*

Lizard soldier: Uh.....

:fox:  Um yeah, I'm here to diffuse that bomb over there. Say...you mind diffusing it for me?

Lizard soldier: Dude, it's like three feet away from your Arwing. Why don't you get out and diffuse it yourself?

:fox: *mumbles* Cuz I'm stapled to my Arwing...

Lizard soldier: What?

:fox: I SAID I'M STAPLED TO MY ARWING! So would you mind diffusing the dang bomb for me please?

*Lizard picks up bomb and dangles it in front of Fox.*

Lizard soldier: Why don't you reach out and get it flyboy?

:fox: *sighs*

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They sure where, but not as cheesy as slippy going,"Stupid Apparoids, haven't you ever heard of windows!" *shivering shudders of misfortune*

Now that i think bout it, that could go either way, those briefings where really cheesy too...

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Er you guys are supposed to make fun of a Starfox moment not say which ones were the cheesiest lol....

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I can't really think of a way to make the briefings any funnier. They're trying so hard to be serious, but it sorta comes across wrong.

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Guest Starguy24

*In Starfox Adventures*

Fox- So you must be a Krazoa spirit....what's the test?

Krazoa- You must answer three questions. The first one question: if Slippy is crying for help, and nobody is around to hear him, is he still annoying?

Fox- YES

Krazoa- Correct!

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