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What are you listening to right now?


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Owl city  :lol:  best...  music.... ever.....

They kinda all sound the same, but they're amazing

So what are you guys listening to right now?

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...still the Starfox Assault soundtrack, with some Cheap Trick and Dire Straits for good measure.

That is, aside from all the Christmas music. All these classic songs being butchered by Britney clones and Disney poster-children... It is nice to hear the occasional Bing Crosby or Louie Armstrong rendition, though.

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Retreat! Retreat!-65daysofstatic (The Fall of Math)

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Guest Para Astaroth

"Halo" by SOiL

"Kill Your Idols" by Staic-X

"Face the Pain" and "House of Cards" by Stemm

"Wait" by Earshot

"Rain" by Trivium

"Getting Away with Murder" by Papa Roach

"Nikogo Ze Zhalko" by Leningrad

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