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Sonic & Sega All Star Racing Mini-rant


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I called this a Mini-rant because there's basically just one reason why I won't be getting this game:



I'm sure people already complained about it. And I'm sure they're are going to be people who strongly disagree with me. But really. It's just stupid. Sonic runs at the speed of sound. It's more badass for him to run on foot while RACING vehicles. How hard was that to see?

Apparently according to Wikipedia an early prototype had Sonic running on foot and a bunch of other things that to be honest sounded more sensible. But apparently because of varying sizes between the different characters, and because the drift mechanic wouldn't work with racers who were on foot, they dropped that idea. IMO, who cares about the varying sizes? I know I don't. And I'm not completely sure about it but didn't Sonic do some drifting in Sonic Unleashed? All in all, it just sounds like an excuse to me. Anyways I'm done. I'm not even considering getting this game. Any thoughts? 

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Not interested in arcade racing anyway. Mario Kart 64 was brilliant, and probably the game I've played the most during my childhood. But now, I far prefer things to be as realistic as possible.

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The OP looks like sonic is crashing into the forum. :D

Personally, as dumb as it is, I don't have a problem with it either. Games are full of dumb stuff (like in mario 64, why didn't boswer put 1 star on every door or tones on the entrances?)

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