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Star Dragon

Four-eyed Vulpine

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(Knowing that I was sorely missed during my five month absence from the boards, I have come back to fill the void. Lots of things have happened to me since last time--a new job, a new career path, and my 19th birthday is in less than a week on Nov 4.

I'm kicking off my return with the opening of a new RP here on the boards, titled "Star Dragon," with the same theme as Star Fox with different characters. Have fun.)

*RP Mode*

It is the system year 2999 in the Lylat System. Millennium celebrations are being planned throught the cosmos. The Star Fox team has aged over the decades and has long since disbanded. The Venomian/Androssian War had ended. Peace has returned. Or has it?

An unknown entity grows from the now completely uninhabited planet of Venom. This entity, called "The Evil", is a dark energy source of extreme power. Information on their presence is limited at this time.

Character Bio:

Name: Draganaut Stormfire

Species: Dragonius Flamus (Red Fire Dragon)

Sex: Male

Age: 574 Cornerian years (x365 days) (average lifespan of the dragon phylum is approximately 1 millennium in Cornerian years)

Height: 8' 7"

Weight: 1,476 lb, 15.4 oz

Wingspan: 134' 11" (x3 pairs)

Anatomical Characteristics:

--red, muscular dragon with a white underbelly

--8" horn appendages on head

--tail is 10' 6" long with spikes

--no external reproductive organs (there are no female dragons in existence, dragons lay eggs at specific times in the lifespan with no intercourse)



--fusion with other dragons of the same species to form even larger dragons with a combined height and weight


--1,200 mm giga energy cannon (326 lb)

--twin retractable fire blades (175 lb each)


--black, sleeveless, skin tight suit from neck to ankles, made from a rare stretchy compound that's one size fits all and is as strong as diamonds (relaxed surface area is only 1 sq meter)

--sleeveless khaki jacket with many pockets that remains unbuttoned and goes just past the waist

--weapons strapped to back and sides of waist

Hello. My name is Draganaut Stormfire, the leader of the newly banded mercenary team known as "Star Dragon." Well, it's not really a team, yet--I'm the only member as of right now, but that's the purpose of this address. I'm currently running a recruitment campaign on the planet of Corneria seeking new members as the new millennium draws near. You see, I have been advised by the government to put together an elite squad of fighter pilots to stand as the first line of defense against "The Evil," a dark energy source that is growing on planet Venom even as we speak. Anyone is welcome to join, but there are a few prior requirments before we set off into space...

1. No foul language. Keep it clean.

2. Please list your character bio on your first post so we can get to know you.

3. Magic and weapons are allowed, but don't go overboard with it (i.e. invinciblity, infinite ammo, 17 km weapons, etc.)

4. We'll lift off after we reach a total of six members, but more are welcome to join after liftoff. Just post your bio and fly aboard.


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Ahehe... I think I'll join...

Character bio:

Name: Dr. Jekyll Wilopolis

Species: Vulpine

Gender: Male

Age: 18 years old

Height: 6'

Weight: 200 lbs.

Anatomical characteristics:

-Average build for a vulpine

-Brown fur and eyes

-Spiky head-fur with a pony-tail.


-If his skin is cut, he goes into a berserk frenzy called 'Berserker Install' where he gets very vicious

-Is a master of nanosurgery, and can cure even lost limbs, but it takes a while for him to cure anything worse than a gash

-Also is a great doctor, even though young


-A specialized scalpel that has a longer than usual handle, thusly can be used as a pole-arm

-A custom-made giant syringe


-Wears doctor coat buttoned up to his neck

-Wears green dress pants

-Also wears black dress shoes

-Wears white tanktop underneath doctor coat

(Is that good enough?)

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Welcome aboard. *escorts you to the side of the team's mothership, "The Mecha-dragon"*

This is our ship, "The Mecha-dragon" We'll use this as the central base of our missions and operations. Let's wait a bit and see if some others show up before we take the tour. It's about a mile long, and 700 feet high, so you might get lost in it for the first few days. It's gotta be big to accomodate a dragon like me.

*scans through your bio* Let's see, you go berserk if you get a scratch? Umm, what if you like scrape the side of a table or something? This might be an interesting trip... :shock:

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Yeah... *nods* I gotta be veeery careful so I don't cut myself... And this ship IS rather large, but if I explore it enough, I can memorize what's where... Shouldn't take me too long...

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Ah, what the hell. I'm in.

Get ready for one HUUUUGE profile entry here.

Name: Koriani Fox

Weight: 140 lbs.

Height: 6'0"

Age: 16

Species: Vulpine

Gender: Male

Skeletal foundation(Small, medium or large): Medium

Phobias: spiders, big bugs, deep water

Personal interests: Starfigher piloting, Alexandria, Plasma Scythe/Autorifle combat

His/her soulmate: Alexandria Coraos

Eye color: Bright Green

Fur color: Blue/White

Nickname: K-Fox

Homeworld: Cerinia

Current location: Corneria

Muscle tone(How much muscle your character has): average

Cloth style/appearance: white T-shirt with blue Pulsar Foxes logo, tan jacket with sleeves rolled up, reinforced blue nylon pants with kneepads, communications link clipped in hair on left side behind ear, wrist computer on left arm, plasma scythe clipped to left side of pants... just look at the picture.

Weapon of choice: Plasma Autorifle, followed by Plasma Scythe

Starfighter of Choice: Wolfen Eagle

Items: Plasma Autorifle, Plasma Scythe,

Personality: Hes normally calm and laid back, but when he is needed to get something done, he completes the task by any means possible.

Biography: Hailing from Cerinia, Koriani narrowly escaped the destruction of his home planet. Soon after he found his way to Corneria. He met Alexandria Coraos in his first year of high school on Corneria, and the two have been watching each other ever since. The two were separated a year later when Koriani was kidnapped. Nobody heard anything from or about him for a long time. One year later he was found barely alive after an explosion in downtown Corneria City at a research lab. Koriani and Alexandria were reunited in the hospital soon after, as Alexandria had heard what had happened. Koriani went to the Cornerian Air Academy later on to finish training as a starfighter pilot. Up until then he had been only an average pilot in the Academy, but now he was blowing the competition away. He was by FAR the best pilot in the Academy, but nobody knew how he improved. He led the Academy in every statistic possible, he is a legendary fighter pilot, extraordinarily better than the last super pilot to leave the Academy, Fox McCloud. He currently resides in Corneria City.

Storyline side(Venomian alliance or Cornerian): Cornerian

Other: Seems to have some sort of a "radar sense," he can sense where objects are around him in any direction. Also has undergone heavy training with the plasma scythe.

Wolfen Eagle technical specifications:

Type: Machaon class starfighter

Machaon class - identified as any starfighter meeting or exceeding the atmospherical speed requirement of Mach 10, having four or more laser cannons, ranging weapons, hyperdrive generator

Pilot: Koriani Fox

Wingspan (upper): 55'

Wingspan (lower): 75'

Length: 50' 6"

Height (wings unfolded): 35'

Top Speed (in atmosphere): Greater then Mach 10 (7200+ mph)

Engine: Osheira Falcon customized Wolfen II engine with G-Diffuser II system

Hyperdrive Generator: Osheira Falcon customized Cornerian Fleet Systems XLIII hyperdrive generator

Shield Generator: Osheira Falcon customized Wolfen II shield generator


Main weapon: (4x) XG-AgX II Assault type servokinetic laser cannons

Secondary weapon: (1x) Kraft and Wentner model-63 heavy assault railgun*

Group Assault weapon: (2x) Autotrac chain gatling cannons

Ranging Weapon: (50x) Salaris XG fusion matter detecting homing missiles**

Bombs: (9x) Nova Bombs; (6x) Flash Bombs*** (3x) Cluster Bombs

*Railgun specs: High-powered thermal blaster; causes terrific damage to all in it's path. A devastating weapon designed to penetrate even the toughest shields or armor, the railgun is the Wolfen Eagle's table turner for one sided battles. The railgun takes a moment to charge up, accelerating an electrodynamic flywheel, to generate a high frequency laser that is fired from the gun barrel to superheat the air in the projectile's path. Simultaneously, the 5mm solid xenon core in the round chamber is superheated to white hot plasma. The solid xenon round is contained in a shell of silicon carbide infused alloy, which rapidly vaporizes on firing, releasing the superheated xenon plasma. The plasma has little time to dissipate before it hits its target, causing maximum devastation.

**Salaris XG fusion matter detecting homing missiles specs: The Salaris XG missiles home in on plasma emissions from an opposing craft's engine. At launch, the Salaris XGs are 'cold-fired' by a compressed gas system, then the rocket motors ignite a safe distance away from the Wolfen Eagle. As the solid rocket motor ignites, the steering fins on the missile deploy. The fins allow for swift and tight maneuvering as the missile tracks the target's plasma emission signature.

***Flash Bomb specs: Blind-fired from the rear of the Wolfen Eagle, after a few seconds the Flash Bomb deploys a series of twelve, coaxially mounted submunitions that detonate at a preset distance from the parent munition. This causes a "flash-cloud" of thorium-magnesium flares that cause mass visual distortion.

Wolfen Eagle bio:

The Wolfen Eagle is a balance between extreme speed, maneuverability, and moderate firepower. It has a decent amount of shields, but it doesn't need much because of Koriani's awesome flying capabilities. The quad servokinetic lasers supply the Eagle with unsurpassed firepower, while its 9 Nova Bombs and 3 Cluster Bombs clear out large groups of enemy fighters. Flash Bombs round out the Wolfen Eagle's armament as a diversion tactic, first dropping one to blind the enemy then turning around and attacking is a good strategy. The railgun is the Wolfen Eagle's table turner, it is capable of piercing the strongest of shields. Its only downside is that it takes a while to charge, and it takes a fair amount of energy, normally taken from the other weapons, maintaining the shields' tenacity. The 50 Salaris XG fusion matter detecting homing missiles can home in on a target's engine plume from up to a distance of 1000 miles. Meant for close combat strategy, the missiles can be shot behind to track a pursuing enemy, or in salvos of three to track multiple enemies in a group. The Eagle also has one more trick up its sleeve when it comes to big battles. The two autotrac chain gatling cannons extend from the sides of the Eagle, and when in use, automatically track the nearest hostile unit when firing with deadly accuracy. Osheira Falcon has also perfected the reverse plasma drive engine by modifying a Wolfen II engine, giving the Eagle the awesome capability of strafing while flying backward. Those who see the Wolfen Eagle turn to face them don't see much else afterward.

Wolfen Eagle visual data:



Pulsar Foxes strike team

Mothership: Pulsar Blade

Ships: Wolfen Eagle series (see above picture), modified Assault version Landmaster


Koriani Fox - bluefurred vulpine, team leader

Quartz Fox - bluefurred vulpine, Koriani's younger brother

Arteka Lorusari - arctic fox, Quartz's friend

Radius Avilarice - arctic fox, Koriani's close friend

Osheira Falcon - falcon (coloration mostly black), Koriani's close friend


Koriani Fox: Leader, ace pilot

Quartz Fox: Ground soldier, tied for second best pilot

Arteka Lorusari: Ground soldier, third best pilot

Radius Avilarice: Landmaster pilot, team sniper, tied for third best pilot

Osheira Falcon: Mechanic, inventor, second best pilot in team

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Well crap...May as well.

Name: Travis Fox

Age: 20

Weight:120 lbs

Species: Vulpid

Heigth: 5ft 6in

Build: Light

Eye Color:Blue


Ship: Scyre [More below]

Mate: None...

Current location: Middle of Reconstrucion Coneria City

Homeworld: Coneria

Color: Black with a navy blue trim

Attire: Shown at bottom

Weapons: Standard Blaster and one Machine gun concealed in the overcoat as well as extra ammuniton.

Current Alliance:None

Special Notice: Known to act without any warning in violent or unsual ways while in his fighter.Watch with caution.LAO Wanted for the death of his starmates.


A former pilot in the CDF [Conerian Defense Force] he was part of the defenders of Katina during the Andross years having lost his whole squadron he was force to remain behind to defend Corneria itself.However he was blamed for the loss of his squadron a group of five due to lack of leadership and poor judgement was the final ruling. However before his court martial he fled taking an Arwing industries prototype fighter right from it's hanger.Having fled the planet and jumping around in the Sargasso Space Zone he had applied to be with the Pulsar foxes being one of the newer members of the team but was combat harden by the many years of military service qiuet and a loner he relies on no one but himself.This is seen as a liability but his experience cant be denied.Having barley made it into the Pulsar Foxes Travis is now to determined to show Fox Mcloud aint the only fox who can can fight in space.

Scyre Assualt Fighter:

Type: Assualt Starfighter

Crew: 2 or 1

length: 30m

Height: 10m

Armament: Two four-barreled rotating LAzer chain guns fireing 2500 rounds a sec.

Powerplant: Two Micro fusion engines powering the experimental SCRAM [super Condensed Ramjet All-purpose Megathrusters] each one is enough to supply the ship with power in the event of destruction or failure of either fusion plant.

Top speed: 12+ Mach

MAxinmum Flight Ceiling: unlimited

Sensors: Multi system TOA [Target or Attack] multi task allrange senor systems

The Scyre Project:

The ship was desgined for capitail ship engadgements on a small scale quick maneurverable and fast the ship was desgined with raw firepower and brute force in mind.The need for the second pilot came from the TOA's complex technological demands from a pilot while in combat. The second pilot could use these sensores look look beyond the Lylat system to locate a target much like the capital ships of today. The second pilot can also mange all systems from his suite and make inflight repairs if need to.Allowing for better effectiveness and longer battlefield life span.A single pilot can control the fighter but would be hard pressed to keep up with combat repair demands. The ship is desgined to stay in a fire fight until it is over the ship and fight for days if handeld correctly.

SCRAM Engines:

The SCRAM engines are newer in thier use of a constant boost to creat large amouts of thrust. The engine has almost very little moving parts concentration on the output of efficent and powerful thrust.The output is 600,0000,000 lbs of raw power and is controlled by rotating expanding and retracting nozzles from the exaust having to revert to older jet like designes for the engines to harness all the power into something manage able the Scyre comes standard with two of these engines

Gatling Lazers: The four-barreled rotating gatlin lazer cannons offer an immense amout of raw firepower in an inceirbly short time the barrles roata as fast as 7500 rpms they were oringinally desgined as puls lazer cannons but saw the barrels were too quick to heat up seeing this the desginers made it a gatling finging this to be much more effiecnt and a better concept all around.

ECM Suite: The second officer in the second cockpit not only control the TOA and onboard systems.He has the ability to use the power Electronic warfare suite to guard the ship from missles hacked comm line and possible locks this however is not guaranteed. The ECM allows for also use of the oopsite it allows for faster locking hacking comm lines and the ability to scramble sensors at close range preferrably fighter sensors.All in all a powerful ship

Travis Fox:


The Scyre Assulat Fighter:


The last know photo of Travis's Dead Starmates:


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Species:Unknown.. Mewtwo ish...


Eye color:Violet but you cannot see them because he is wearing a helmet

Weapon of choice:50 barrel Autocannon/Napalm grenade launcher and telekinesis.

Other Weapons:Two Swords. Two Magnum Pistols..Among other things...



Home Planet:None

Appearance:7 feet tall armored and you havent seen anything that looks like him

Personality:Agressive and straitforward and do not get on his bad side.

Biography:Was created to be a super weapon. He broke free and downloadid all the data on the JAL

project and destroyed the station. He can think faster then a supercomputer and has a Robotic left Arm.he now is a mercenary/bounty hunter.(and if he'd ever take off his helmet his face would look like my avatar.) And is forever looking for the rest of the JAL project experiments. He has now found one of the JAL project named Nova

And Jal's ship

The Phoenix Blade Technical Specs

Type Unknown. Super Assault Fighter

Pilot Jal

Copilot Nova

Height : 28.8' wings folded :43.2' wings unfolded

Wingspan : 12.4'

Length : 64.5

Top Speed : 8300mph (in atmosphere: 7400mph)


Primary Weapons Four Battleship-grade class ILC's(Inferno Laser Cannons)

Secondary weapons Starfighter class twin repeater blasters

And two paralyzer Ion cannons

Missiles Two modified devestater class Cluster missile launchers

Bombs Two purifier class atomic Bombs

And ther are other weapons...and stuff.

The Phoenix Blade Bio

The Phoenix Blade is a state of the art assult fighter. It and its pilot are feared through-out the galaxy. its mainly composed of technology stolen from different military factions. Thats whie The Phoenix Blade is as fast. armored and powerful as it is but the downside is that every system must be micromanaged that means the pilot has to have telekinesis and has to think amazingly fast.

Never the less The Phoenix Blade should be avoided at all cost. Rumors are going around that The Phoenix Blade destroyed a small fleet of research ships this is yet to be comfermed but a small fleet of research ships did dissapear a while ago.

And it looks like this


And a new character Nova. The profile is not done yet.



Species:Unknown.. Mewtwo ish...


Eye color:Blue but you cannot see them because she is wearing a helmet

Fur color:None she is wearing Armor over his entire Body

Weapon of choice:sniper rifle telekinesis and telepathy

Other Weapons:forearm mounted laser blades and the ability to telaport



Home Planet:None

Appearance:almost 7 feet tall armored and you havent seen anything that looks like her

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Thanks for signing up, everybody. We now lack only two members before liftoff. Not trying to sound sexist or anything, but we could use a couple of girls. A balance would be nice.

*reads over bios* Ok, so we now have two guys that can go crazy. *nervously glances around* You know what? I forgot to put my ship stats in my bio. Crazy me.

The Firewing:

--a high-performance fighter that is at the pinnacle of Lylatian technology

--painted red of course

--weight: 256,000 lb (128 tons)

--height: 42 ft

--length: 94 ft (i'm big, so it's big)

--wingspan: 200 ft (x3 pairs in a six-point star correlation)

--top speed: Mach 5 (3,600 mph) (I'm big and slow)

--hyperdrive speed: Light 3 (558,000 mp second, or really fast) (lasts for 60 seconds at a time)

--Weapons (my favorite things!):

----heat-seeking laser missle launchers in wings (x30 x6 per wing, or x180 total)

----1,000 mm quadruple laser cannons mounted below the cockpit in the front

----twin 5,000 mmm omega plasma cannons mounted on each side

----bomb hatch below ship with a capacity of thirty nova bombs, twenty cluster bombs, and fifteen supernova bombs--all of which fire ahead of the ship

There. Oh, by the way, you guys can park your vehicles in the landing bay of the ship while we wait for another couple of recruits.

(XG Fox! Yay! :shock: )

EDIT: Dang, while I'm try to say all of the above, in comes Kal. Welcome to the team. *looks at your bio(s)* (Wait, are you going to play two characters??)

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Yah so.

Lands The Phoenix blade in hanger

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((Also keep in mind that I MIGHT undergo a fighter change, which would be to my latest version of the Wolfen Eagle series. The one I'm starting out with is the Wolfen Eagle II, and if I change, it'll either be to the Wolfen Eagle IV or V but the 5 hasn't been designed yet, and the 4 is still in progress.))

"Mecha Dragon tower, requesting permission to land."

:: Permission granted. Enter through hangar bay 8. ::

Koriani reached to one corner of the Wolfen Eagle II's console and pressed a blue button. Suddenly, different program command prompts began rattling off information, preparing the Wolfen Eagle II for landing.

{Landing sequence initiated...

Landing repulsorlifts online...

Engine powering down to .005%...

Wings retracting...

Reactor core cooling system initiated...

Low altitude maneuvering program loading... ... ... done.

All systems go for landing.}

Koriani watched a line of 4 hangar doors waiting for the one that sported the large number 8 to open. After about 10 seconds, it opened up, and he brought the Wolfen Eagle II through the door into the hangar. the hangar door closed behind him, and Koriani looked around, realizing just how big this place was.

<Shoot, look how much space there is in here! We could fit the entire Pulsar Foxes squadron of six Eagle IIs in here easily, and still have room to spare...>

The Wolfen Eagle II's plasma engine whined a bit as Koriani set the fighter down in the hangar. Opening the cockpit, he jumped out, and then realized the door to the rest of the ship was about 1000 feet away.

"Well, this sucks. Should've parked it a little closer. Oh well."

Koriani set off walking to the door, and just when he was about to open it, it opened for him. On the other side stood a massive red dragon, and by the sight of him, Koriani was rendered temporarily freaked out.

Draganaut- "Ah, and you must be Koriani. Welcome aboard the Mecha Dragon. Everyone else is in the lounge area, so follow me there and you can meet everyone!"

Koriani couldn't say anything but a weak "Let's go"and trailed behind Draganaut to the lounge area.

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*floated in space on the far egde of the Meto asteriod feild in scyre just a few meters below a crater of a large asteriod.his Long range TOA beeped and alerted him to a ship presence that he had not noticed before*

Alert! New Conact!

Identity:NEw Class_

Not yet recorded_

Target Course plotted_





"Hmmn.......Engage full ecm countermeasures and all masking procedures up to type 3. Plot a speed course to bring us up behind the ship. Distance of 1Km."



Commands executed_

Engadge flight plan?_

*grabs the throttles and slams them to full the Scyre's SCRAM engines roar to life as a trail of blue light was all that could be seen as the ship zipped out at mach 10 towards the unidentified target as he got in behind the ship matched speeds with the new ship*



"hmnnn....Go to good quiet"

"All lights shut off execpt for the main display screen illuminating his muzzle in the light it showed a slight smirk as he initated a deep scan*

"Now what prize lies behind door number 1?" he chuckled errily.

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Name: Kid Cortet

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: (the last time he thought of it) 18 years old

Hight: 6'4"

Wight: 150lbs

Anatomical Characteristics:

--Blonde hair, usually spiked up

--usually as a safty pin in mouth

--Eyes: blue

-- usually able to get along with, unless you somehow make him upset.


--good with mechanics

--good with navigation



--Laser gun


--wears a short gray T shirt, with blue jeans and white sneakers

-- Sometimes either wears a grey vest or a black trench coat.

-- wears laser on strap on his pants, and keeps knife in his pocket.

*walks in* "Kid Cortet, reporting for duty sir!" *salutes*

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Name: Jaith Regal

Species: Wolf

Age: 25 Cornerian years.

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 217Lbs.

Anatomical Characteristics:

-Muscles well developed but not bulky

-Blond fur and blue eyes

-Head fur is messy and usally spikes up on it's own

-He has a black streak of fur starting behind his right eye and goes down his arm to the wrist.


-Has the ability to manipulate electrical and kinetic energy with his mind, but only to a point where he can cause a bolt of lightning to shoot out from his finger tips or travel across the ground and create a ball of kinetic energy that can cause a person hit by it to go flying back.

-His speed and reaction times are greater then most other of his same speices and his acrobatic skills are admirable.

-Has mastered several sword techniques and has even created some of his own.

-Expert in close range and ground assault.


-A large sword with a titanium blade (about 4' 2" in length and a foot in width, and is one inch thick in the middle) the surface is strong enough to deflect most projectiles and the edges are razor sharp and are able to cut through metal if swung with enough force

-A side pistol, the barrel is lengthened to around a foot in length and fires condensed energy bullets.


-He has a pair of sunglasses that usally are found resting on his head above the eyes.

-A black sleavless shirt, theaded with a super thin, strong, flexable metal

-He wears baggy pants made of the same material as his shirt, though it is textured more like jeans

-Size 12 steel tipped boots

-Holster on left side of waist for pistol, and a sheath for his blade straped on his back by a belt going from his left shoulder to right waist.

-Titanium shoulder pads covered in black leather, black baggy sleaves go down from both of them.

-Black gloves.

((If there's anything I need to change just tell me...))

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-A large sword with a titanium blade (about 4' 2" in length and a foot in width, and is one inch thick in the middle) the surface is strong enough to deflect most projectiles and the edges are razor sharp and are able to cut through metal if swung with enough force

((Cloud fan, huh? :lol: Yeah, Cloud's cool.))

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((Cloud fan, huh? :lol: Yeah, Cloud's cool.))

((Eheh... yeah... of course he is, actually... I'm an all around FF7 fan... but Cloud And Sephiroth are my two fav character... actually the outfit for my character was inspired by cloud's new Advent Children look...*coughsunglassescough*))

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Current "Star Dragon" roster:

Draganaut Stormfire--Leader--(Four-eyed Vulpine)

Dr. Jekyll Wilopolis--(Dr. Wilopolis)

Koriani Fox--(XG Fox)

Travis Fox--(Travis Fox)

Jal--(Master Jal)

Nova--(Master Jal)

Kid Cortet--(Kid_Cortet)

Jaith Regal--(Xion Tyran)

*everyone lands their ships in the spacious landing bay area and walks to the side entrance of the mothership where I stand*

Welcome everyone. *raises a claw and counts everybody* We already have enough members? That was fast. Let's go ahead and get the ball rolling with a little "Meet and greet" session in the center commons area. Please follow me.

*I pull a small remote out of jacket pocket and press a button to cause a ramp to extend from the entrance. We walked up the ramp and inside the control deck of the mothership with me in the lead* To the right here is the control deck, where all of the main operations occur, such as weapons, ship movement, navigation, communications, etc. We'll come back and check out this place in more detail later.

*We all walk forward to the center of the ship and take a left through a metallic corridor. About a hundred feet later, we pass through a portal and into the commons area, a circular room with couches, a TV, and LOTS of pillows*

Please, have a seat somewhere. *we all sit, I sit on the floor on a big pile of pillows so I can be more on everyone elses level with my height* Before we throw our gear in our different quarters, lets talk. Do ya'll need anything to drink?

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Jaith leaned against the wall near the door instead of sitting down and scanned the room, he looked down before looking up at Draganaut a moment later, "...Talk about what?" he asked, while readjusting his gloves.

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*shakes his head silently peering through his dark aviator shades however speaking up with a neatural tone*

"How far out are we from corneria?"

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Umm, we actually haven't lifted off from the hangar yet...The ship is in rolling transport mode from the hangar to the liftoff sector in a mountain range several miles outside of the edge of Corneria City. A ship of this size produces unbelievable noise and shockwaves from the thrust required to get it into orbit around the planet.

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"Now call me impatient but I think I speak for the rest of us when I say where are we going and why have you brought us all here..."

*he waited for an answer ever since he took the call this had been on his mind.*

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Jaith crossed his arms, he was wondering the same thing, "Indeed I agree with him..." he said brushing his hand through his head fur.

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Impatient, are we? Fine, we'll cut to the chase. A dark entity known as "The Evil" is spreading from the planet of Venom. Our first mission is to do an intelligence mission to find out as much as we can about what we're up against.

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Anyway, surrounding this room are doors leading to separate personal quarters. Mine's the one just to the right of where we came in at. *points to the door* I'll let ya'll pick and choose which ones you want; they're all identical.

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*turns to take the door directly behind him*

I guess this will do

*grabbing his gear he lifts the singles duffle bag up off the floor to walk to his room opening the door and setting the gear on the floor as he opened the bag the first item he took out was the last picture of his dead squadron "The irregualrs". he stared at this for a moment in silence before moving to unpack and stow all of his equipment once finished with accomodating himself with a room he returned to the main breifing room to get the flight plan and any prelaunch objectives that he needed to do.*

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