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May not be around much...


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I won't make some kind of long sappy speech about how I'll miss this place, since I don't really have fond memories of it.

Though I will say I've seen some hostility from some members which is fueling another reason for leaving.

Well, in all honesty, the main reason is I'm finding little to no reason for me to even be here except for showing off screenshots of various projects.

When I get the Motherboard to repair my PC, I suppose the only time I'd come here is to show updates regarding Paths of Fate.

Though, I'm sure many of you are thinking Paths of Fate is dead considering how long the project's been in the works. But meh. That's your opinion and I won't argue against it.

Anyway, those who have my contact details are free to talk to me.

So... see ya. Jack_Sprite.png

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Sorry to hear that. Though, if you feel like you've been threated with hostility from other members of the site, I'd like that the staff get to know about it, such that we can take further action.

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