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Welcome to SF-O's news node. Hi, I'm Rob Stellar and you're not. Basically just post some news that's going on in your general area.

Meh, Well down in Calhoun, GA. They're still fixing the house that exploded. And a rapper got murdered. Plus, our senator's an idiot.

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Guest Para Astaroth

In South Carolina, we are constantly reviewing the bad call the Fifa World Cup ref for the US and Sloveinia soccer game, still talking about the oil spill in the Gulf, and talking about wage cuts and what not.

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In Toronto, the main story of the month(s) has been the upcoming G20 summit in the downtown core and the shit load of protests that are expected to follow (as usual) before, during, and after the meetings with most of the most powerful countries world leaders!  From unveiling new weapons that police will use against protesters to complaints about a 3 meter high fence surrounding the site to how every day life in Toronto will be F*CKED up for that one weekend it's all that's been going on in the news!

For those of you who aren't aware of what the G20 is see below:


For the wikipedia article about the Toronto summit see below:


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Just a reminder. It can be small events to, not anything that's hit the news. Maybe a town festival or something. I dunno, just anything related to your area.

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Here in Argentina we are all about football.

It is all the news talk about:





Oh, and our fans are having a hard time

there are South Africa. Too much criminal

attacks.  :|

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