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Possible inactivy increase.

Guest DRL

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As of some personall problems,

(among them, the fact that I am

not a furry anymore, for example)

my inactivity may increase.

I will still be around, mainly around

the New Era RP (among other things,

because I promised Geo to try to

continue it while he is gone).

Meh, I am not as cheeful as I used

to be.

Drama aside, just made this thread

to tell you that I am not going to be

as active as used to be. At least

will not take active part of disscusions

or post as much.

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Say Whaaaa?!

Hope all goes well for you, Bro.


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Awww man DRL, we're gonna miss ya alot! :(.  Hope to see ya back to your jolly old self again! :D:friends: Also, look outside in front of your living area.  *crazyfooinc drives flatbed truck up with brand new HYPER-cannon on it* :lol:

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It sucks that you won't be on as much.

I do have to thank you for the icon you made for my staff position.  I like it.

Hope to see you around.

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Lame. I hope you stay active at least a little bit! If you ever want to talk, I'm here. I am a counselling student after all. :)

Take care DRL! <3

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Well, looks like this became some

small-time drama storm (I got

several PMs...)

Let me explain:

1] Personall problems.

A] Mainly school. They have

    decided to give us less hours-at

    school in exchange for more

    practical jobs.

B] The 'un-furry', well, I kind of

    saw that coming. It is not as

    difficult to me as it sounds.

    I was furry in the 'animal' way,

    and lately I have been leaning

    towards a more and more logical

    way of thinking (which among other

    things negates the furry as I know it).

2] Internet problems.

A] USB Modem software issues. My modem

      is not being very compatible with new

      versions of the retailer software, and this

      makes it diffucult to get it on. Not impossible,


B] Legal issues. A recent modification to the

      terms-of-use has been done by the company

      which I got my Modem from. Basically

      it limits the usage of the modem to number

      of Mbs/Gbs transfered. After the set limit

      has been execeeded, I have to wait for next

      month to be able to use it again.

      This, however, is being taken now to legal courts.

      If everything goes right, the terms-of-use will

      return to their previous status (which were fair

      enought for all parties).

Thank you everyone for everything, but it is yet

to be seen if I become inactive enought to be

'missed'. If everything goes right, the limitations

to my activity will be eliminated...

Also, as I am not as cheeful as I used to be,

I do not want to be around being the uber-depressive

guy. Remember the negativity issues...


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