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OST compilation


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I love em game sound tracks, so why don't we get a compilation of soundtracks download links for games! General discussion of anything ivolving game music = O.K.! Also I have downloaded all these myself, so theres no need to worry about virus's.

I'll start off with a few:

(***I put stars around my personal favorites***, !!!and exclamation marks around ones that are torrent files!!! you will need a program that opens torrents for those. Heres an easy one to get http://download.utorrent.com/2.0.3/utorrent.exe )

Links removed. :mod:

What do ya know, so far they are all my favorites...

Just gimme a link and I'll download it for myself, and put it up here, or give a suggestion and I'll go find the OST or I'll rip one.

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This is VERY against forum rules. :) You're condoning illegal download of things that are commercially available. *slap on the wrist* Don't do it again. ;)

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