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Fire Emblem Personality


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(Sorry, I couldn't think of a good name for the topic)

So let's say you're a Fire Emblem character.

Fill out this form and tell us a little about yourself. No "custom" classes. You only get to pick from the ones that are in the games, but your sprite or 3D animation is unique, like Hawkeye in FE7.


Race: (Beroc, Laguz, or whatever you want.)


Joining dialogue(optional):

Death Quote:

Critical Animation:

FE10 Only

Pre-battle animation:


Victory animation:

I'll start.

Name: Tenko

Race: Kitsune

Class: Marksman (FE10 promoted sniper)

Joining Dialogue: "I've been observing you for quite a while. Your group appears to be the trustworthy sort. May I join you on your quest? It's not like I have anything better to do."

Death Quote: "Grrr. Bastard got lucky."

Critical Animation: *Draws an arrow, throws it and the bow up in the air, jumps up, catches it, fires the arrow, and the arrow splits in to three, striking the target*

Pre-battle animation: Holds bow out straight, spins it, and brings it down to his side.

Pose: Just stands there, arms to the sides.

Victory animation: Sheathes bow, crosses arms, and looks away from the camera.

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