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Lylat Wiki (Yes, we're alive!)


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Hello, SFO members. Some of you may remember awhile back that Lylat Wiki was advertised here before I wanted it to be. Well, after a long time of waiting, I finally decided to purchase a domain myself and get it hosted. Now, the wiki is online and gaining momentum as it moves.

I'm here with several purposes:

[list type=decimal]

[*]To promote the wiki, of course

[*]To attempt to unite different Star Fox communities

[*]To create a thriving, central source of information for all Star Fox fans

When I say I wish to unite the different Star Fox communities, I mean that I want to bring together all Star Fox fans from different websites. The online Zelda community has done this through Zelda Wiki.org, and it works fantastically well. It would be nice for people from different Star Fox websites to get together and discuss the topic, and even better for them to write about it, no?

I'd love if SFO was a part of it, so I'm here to ask for affiliation. I know the site is small, but it's new. It was neglected for a very long time because I didn't have the financial resources for it. Now, however, it is moving along nicely and has a future of entering the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (or NIWA for short.)

Now, the benefits of affiliation are as follows:

Traffic from the NIWA (which includes the famous Bulbapedia in its founding members!)

Traffic from Lylat Wiki

Promotion of the site on userpages and in articles (linking to guides, posts, etc.)

I'm not sure who to contact about an affiliation request, so I've posted here in the hopes that someone will see it and tell me where to go.

In the meantime, I hope you all will at least check us out. We're starved for editors and staff right now, so we need some serious Star Fox fans to help us out!


Lylat Wiki


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