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Its good to be back


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Hey guys! Sorry for kind of disappearing. I've been doing a lot family and band oriented stuff, and didn't want to entirely forget you guys. As for me, a lot has happened.

I've been taking trumpet lessons and getting better at playing and performing on the trumpet. The guy I get lessons from is a real monster at the trumpet. That guy can play good!

I'm soon to start a new series on you tube which involves looking at life from different retrospectives. It starts with the host doing their introduction to the current theme, then a sketch comedy dramatizing their thoughts on that theme. Then it wraps up with a video response contest and the comments of the day. Other than that, not much to it.

I've been starting to hang out a lot more with my friends lately and have a good time. I'm no longer the paranoid and SUPER ULTRA REACTIVE kind of person. Much more like SPONTANEOUS AND UNPREDICTABLE!!! at times that its actually funny. So overall, I think I'm starting to become a better person.

But there's still me thinking to myself. There isn't a voice in my head other than my own, but it's that it sometimes brings up the sad fact that I should've been doing this stuff years ago and screwed up a chunk of my life already, yet I am not depressed. Is this normal, or am I losing all emotion?

Basically, a lot has happened. I've learned to be online less unless its me blowing off steam on CoD MW2, and hang out with my friends more often. This resolution came to me after watching The Sandlot for some reason.

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I watched The Expendables and got my official kick-asshood. w00t! That movie was awesome!

If you're getting CoD - Black Ops, get it for PC cause Im making a clan for it.

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