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My story in corneria... (If not interusted don't read)

Project fox223

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Sai-mai I'm a dog working for the corneria  army. I'm a starfighter in space fighting through battles and adventures.

I wish i had a Girlfriend, always think about so i join the battle in able to stop thinking about it. I met starfox and truly respect him, and Krystal.

...Wolf took half my crew down, i survived but i wont give up fighting back.  :wolf:

Now I'm hopeing to join a team soon, I'm ready for a dog fight. Sai-mai reporting for duty.

I need a boss... wait pepper oh ya heh heh    Wolf we will meet again, this time I'll win!  :wolf:

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Wait... is this supposed to be a fanfic, role-play, what? Either way, it's in the wrong place. Get back to me on what it is, and I'll move it to it's proper place.

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