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Star Fox 64 Online


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Playing Star Fox 64 Online over netplay.

Emulator - "content deleted by admin"

Rom -  "content deleted by admin"

Now you need to set your emulator up.

1. Open Mupen64++

2. Go to Options

3. Go to Settings

4. Go to Directories

5. Set the location to were ever your rom folder is located.

6. Go to File then click "Refresh Rom list"

7. Go back to Settings then add which ever plugins you want (I Recommend Direct64 GFX, Zilmar Audio)

8. Done.

Okay now go to utilities then Kaillera Netplay. Now there should be a server saved onto your DB called Star Fox 64 Online.

If not then go to ADD and type Star Fox 64 Online as the name and server ip is -

This server is being hosted on my internet connection on my Desk top, not my laptop. So it will go offline sometimes. When it does go offline

goto this server  -  You mite want to add that into your DB as you start your kaillera. That server is 100% completely stable.

Okay with that said, now you can change your name and your leaving message and stuff. Take Note your connection needs to stay on EXC or LAN. Any lower there will be massive frame delays and it will feel laggy. Also if you use "SPoof ping" You cannot play games. That feature is just so that you can access servers that your ping goes over the limit on. Once you connect to a server go to Create or right click the bottom screen and make Star Fox 64 game. It should be Star Fox 64 (U) [!] 1.0. If that does not show then you have the wrong rom or you did not follow the setting up emulator process correctly. Also you can play up to 4 people.  You can play other games too, like mario kart, or anything like that. You can join players room by double clicking their room.

:cool: Have fun playing Star Fox 64 Online.  :cool:

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