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The Heavy Sings Trololo


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So, I was writing a piano reduction of the accompaniment parts to Arkady Ostrovsky's "I am Glad to Finally Be Back Home" for a project, and the idea came to my head: The song is Russian, and so is the heavy. People have been making YTP's of the Heavy and Scout singing things, so I figured I do something similar here. But, instead of pasting it over the original, I decided to use my piano reduction as the background, leaving the heavy as the solo vocalist.

"I am Glad to Finally Be Back Home" is known to the internet as "Trololo." Despite it becoming a meme, it is actually a pretty good song.

If you haven't seen the original, watch this FIRST:


The singer's name is Edward Khil.

The song was originally about a cowboy returning home. Supposedly, the lyrics were banned by the Soviet government, hence the Non-lexical vocables, but the composer's family disputes that claim.

Now, here is the heavy singing it (No video. I am not competent enough in GMod to make one for this):



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