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Kursed of the dead

Guest Mr. N

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Guest Mr. Mario

Style- Forum

Theme- Horror, suspense

Setting- Sauria

Description- Kursed decided to take a vacation at one of her memorible places she has been to, Sauria (Dinosaur Planet). She invites some people to have a camp out with her before she decided to go back to Kew, one day, a horde of zombies has wandered throughout Sauria and everyone is trapped there until a rescue comes there. Kursed or the characters will later discover the zombies follow a order by someone who was invited to Kursed's camping...The characters must survive the zombie outbreak and confront the villian for whoever is responsible for the zombies.

The villian will be one of the fan characters, I will select a random FC and send a PM to the owner that the FC I selected is the villian.

Goal- Team up with Kursed to confront the villian of the zombies, survive the outbreak and summon a rescue.

Player count- Unlimited.


Kursed -

Fan characters: (No human FCs allowed) (3 characters minimum for this to be approved, it's ok if it goes over the number)

Louis X. M.

- Mr. Nintendo

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