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I did this with someone on DeviantArt, she did the sketch and I did the rest basically, heh. So if you want to comment about proportion things, tell her here at the orginal sketch, thanks. If some of you are members on AL you may remember Panda this was with her.


Woo, Random Rantings the comic!

It's a sprite/drawn comic with the most random and obscure things this side of Obscurity.


Guest comic for Shpam Man. Sponge made the sprites, I just edited some for poses and crap.

Past Comics:

Goth Guy Doesn't Change Facial Expressions

Link the N00b

RR Special: Office Romance

ME be Copying

Emoticon Saga 1

Emoticon Saga 2

Emoticon Saga 3

Emoticon Saga 4

Emoticon Saga 5

Emoticon Saga 6

Emoticon Saga 7

Filler: Skittles

Emoticon Saga 8

The FAQ of the not so FAQ:

Why am I making this?

To point out my grievances with some people on the Internet. Plus I can throw more into my DA account when I get an art block.

What inspired you?

Idiots, Mutational Error, the gothness of Goth Guy, and did I mention idiots?

Sprites and Manga? What is this madness?

Repeat the question and read my answer again.

Will this continue when you make more Of Love and Hax comics?

I frankly don't know...

OMG i dun lik it ur mean!

Get a dictionary, grammar book, and practice that for five years, then come talk to me.

Do a barrel roll!

Ok, I pressed R twice, nothing is happening.


Kindly STFU

Why do you act like a girl?

What defines our culture to act like certain things? Are we creatures to just be defined by modern sterotypes? I strongly believe that you need to rethink and rephrase your queston (sorry... total Rey moment...).

Do this, do that, now!


Is this comic a transgression between the angst you feel of three years past? If so would you mind if you underwent extreme psychotherapy to alleviate this conundrum?


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