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Your arms of choice.


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Short and sweet:

Have a weapon, 3 attachments max and why. If its an electronic sight or scope that counts as one.

Mine is a G36k with thermal scope to spot the stalkers in ghillies, silencer for stealth, and bio/heartbeat sensor to know where he's at before he knows where I'm at.

Fictional or sci fi weapons are accepted.

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probably, an MP5 with an M203 grenade launcher possibly with a Red dot or whatever that thing is where you can see through it and it has a red dot in the middle.

If not that, then a P90 with a laser sight and a detachable silencer for diff. situations.

If none of those, An MP7 just as it comes. i more of a Submachine gun / PDW guy.

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Guest Julius Quasar

Chinese Broad Leaf Sword with Tactical Scabbard.

A one handed opening and closing lock-back knife.

a Kel-Tec .380 "pocket gun"

a Taurus SSUL .38 special +P revolver (shrouded hammer)

a Colt M19111A1 .45 caliber pistol. (with an extra barrel that's threaded, and has a silencer for it..for those "low profile" jobs)

a Baretta .32 caliber "Tomcat"

a .45 caliber Thompson sub-machine-gun with a drum cartridge "Nya! Nya!  You'll never take me alive, see!?" (looks cool)

a Glock 23, .40 caliber

a Sig Sauer P229, 9mm parabellum

an HK MP5 sub-machine-gun with a double automatic action upgrade, forward hand-grip handle, and retracting or folding stock (fast, compact, and great for fighting off groups). 

an MP7 sub-machine-gun

an Ingram Mac-10 with a silencer and a shoulder strap (stealth, and convenience)

a SPAS 12 shotgun with a folding stock, magazine, and a silencer (gives effective combat advantages, with a stealthy edge).

a Gatling Gun with an electric trigger and a tripod.  "Time to take 'Old Painless' out of the bag!"

a W2000 lightweight framed carbon fiber barrel containing sniper rifle with a high end scope, high end silencer, and a bolt action, (accuracy, precision, stealth).  I don't count the frame and barrel, they're modified main components, not accessory attachments to the weapon itself.  (I'd most likely carry it in a foil stamped briefcase for transport, foil stamping fools X-Ray monitors, but that's another story.)

an AK-47 with folding paratrooper stock 

an AK-47 with burled-walnut furniture on it

an M14 with a bayonet

a SAW rifle

a flamethrower

a Soviet RPG

a bazooka


a 3 or 4 barrel rocket launcher (carried on and fired from the shoulder)

an M32 Grenade Launcher

an M79 Grenade Launcher

A Soviet Hind-D Russian gunship helicopter too far

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I can swear I remember a thread like this that died off long ago, but good luck with this one! :D

I'd take the Springfield Armory M1A (M14) with a red dot sight.  I've always liked semi-auto rifles, and the M14/M1A is one of the best :)

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i would choose a desert eagle with a silencer, a expanded clip, and a power amplifier

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1954 Fender Stratocaster

Miniature amp with belt clip

Finger slide for the blues sound

Music can sooth the soul


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You'd be rather hard pressed to get an M203 on an MP5, Fox McCloud. Given that the M203 is 380mm long, and the MP5 only has a 225mm barrel. Not to sound like a dick, just love talking guns.

Anyway, as for me:

Sniper - Präzisionsschützengewehr-1A1 (PSG-1A1). For those that don't know, the PSG-1A1 is different from the standard PSG-1 as such.

The PSG-1A1 variant was introduced by Heckler & Koch in 2006, and features two major improvements. First, the cocking handle was relocated a couple of degrees counter-clockwise. This was due to the fact that when locked rearward, it often physically interfered with the long scopes often used on the rifles. The second modification involved the replacement of the outdated Hensoldt scope. Non-police users often found the scope's 600 m range limitation and simple crosshairs inadequate for their needs. In addition, the rechargeable batteries are difficult to recharge and to find replacements. A final fault is that Hensoldt does not service the scope in the United States. For these reasons, the PSG-1A1 has been outfitted with a Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 Police Marksman II scope, mounted on 34 mm (1.3 in) rings. One last modification involved converting the SG 550 Sniper stock to work with the PSG1. The H&K rifle now has a completely side-folding adjustable target stock removing a solid 10 inches in overall length. To remedy brass ejection a brass catcher must be installed.

However, I would get it still with the original stock, which is completely customizable for shooter comfort and avoiding the black border in the scope.

Shotgun - Franchi SPAS-12 with the folding stock, but not the hook, and with the second safety they made, as the original safety wore out and would cause the gun to discharge when you tried to put it on "safe."

SMG - Kriss Super V

PDW - FN P90 USG, with black polymer stock.

Assault Rifle - AN-94 Abakan with an Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG). Nothing like an assault rifle that can reach out to 750 meters and put two rounds through the same hole at 100 meters, almost guaranteeing cavitation.

Anti-Material - Steyr IWS 2000, which fired a 15.2x169mm APFSDS (Armour Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) round at 4757 ft/sec, or 1450 m/sec. That thing was designed to take aircraft out of commission by punching a hole through their engines from some distance away, though I imagine shooting the engine block of a light-medium skinned vehicle would be effective as well.

Pistol - Either an H&K USP .40 (which I have) , and H&K 45 (not the C), or an FN Five-seveN.

Anti Vehicle - NIVA XM1970, nothing like a combination RPG warhead launcher/ Assault rifle to say, "Go away!"


Light Machine Gun - MG3, what's not to love about a gun that shoots 7.62x51mm NATO at 1,200 RPMs.

Machine Gun - FN BRG-15, firing 15.5x106mm rounds with a dual-feed mechanism. And just for scale, the .50 BMG is 12.7x99mm.

Grenade launcher - Milkor MGL-140, also called the, "Six Pack Attack."

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M249 Squad Automatic Weapon- My Motto- Spray and Pray :D

AC-130 :D  :trollface: (I have been in one, and Its super awesome, especially when they fire the 105MM howitzer)

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Light Machine Gun - MG3, what's not to love about a gun that shoots 7.62x51mm NATO at 1,200 RPMs.

The fact that you, according to the manufacturer, have to replace the barrel for every 200nd shot or so. We'll be using the the 3A1 version as defensive arnament on the tank recovery vehicle I'll be stationed on.

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I've seen people fire off more than that without swapping out the barrel, and can get heavier barrels that don't wear as fast.

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This baby!


Ah the Smartgun, a German MG3 with cosmetic details put over it and a camera operator's boon for support.

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