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what is to come...


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Hello StarFox online! This is purely a small meeting room for an RP story called Half-Life: Alternatives. i want to type part of the story so my friendss can see if they like it and see if we can fit it into the story. (please dont lock this! plzzz?)

September 14th, 2013

"This is USS Saratoga, we are in position and are standing by for orders, over."

"This is NORAD, we copy Saratoga, keep the fleet in order and hold until relieved over."

Captain dietrich stood within the bridge, surrounded by many of the finest Men and women he had ever served with, and switched off the communications to the surface below. rubbing his temples he said, "I really wish we knew why we were out here...Command says its another "training mission" , but ive got the feeling that they are'nt telling us everything we need to know."

"Thats becasue thats classified my good Captain!" Dietrich turned and immediatly shot up; it was John MacDonell, his old buddy from the academy; but he had been excepted into the CIA instead! "How's it going Jamie?", captain asked.

"Ohh, the same old thing, keeping secrets from you..that sort of thing!" He put both hands upon his mouth, as if he shouldn't have saifd anything, but slowly let them fall and let a smile form upon his face. The two hugged, "good to see you too old buddy!" eitrch replied.

Cpt. D:"So...do you really know what we are doing out here?"

James: "Heh sorry, they kept me in the dark too, which is a little odd for them to not inform thier agents."

Capt: "Ehh, some secrets cant be told right?" Deitrich got up and gestured for James to follow.

James: "So, what do you think of her?", James asked as he motioned toward the rather large Lord O' War that the Saratoga was cruising along side.

The Captain glanced and looked back at his old friend," She is truly a beauty, has more guns than the entire fleet put together, and that's aying something!"

The Saratoga and her sisiter ship, the Marlowe has been 2 of the best ships in the fleet; getting a very highscore in the training simulated misions they had both undeertaken.

The fleet was quite numerous and conssited of many different ships: The Saratoga, Marlowe, and Vurloc ; all three were  Conestoga-class battleships and boasted numerous weapons, all able to destory cities the sizes of Nebraska; also, these ships were 80% automatted by a core Ai, meaning if it can make dissionson its own if required, and can still fight a battle, even if the entire crew within is dead; making it a very reliable ship, but of course none have been tested in a battle before. Next up were 5 Daedalus-class battlecruisers; Santa Maria, Georgia, Lenin, Hamilton, and Naudelous, all carrying good weapons, but were mostly know for their nuclear missile (often nicknamed Torpedos) banks, very devistating weapons of power. Next runners up were 3 Promethious-class corvettes;  the Florida, Neper, and Krukov, these were mostly used for thier fighter carring ability, as well as their Daedalus counterparts. Last but not least, the newest addition to the fleet, the Leviathon; This monster was *%$@ing huge! it was about half the size of the pan handle of the State of Florida! This thing packed everything all the other ships had, and more; it has SG (space-to-ground) nuclear missiles, emp rockets capable of hitting and disabling almost every ship (or at least in this fleet :evil:) known ,and had a pulse plasma cannon in front of the ship. As well as Heavy armor plating and it was completly auto matted to boot.

Hours passed....dietrich was having trouble staying awake, when the sensor officer called for his attention, he got out of his seat as quickly as he could and came to the officer's side, "what is it ensign?"

E: sensors are picking up something...right over the planet, something big"

Capt.: Its probably a storm cloud, you know side effects from sun spots or something." Just then the cload erupted and spewed what looked like lighting of a sorts.

E: "does a space cload do that sir?"

The Captain turned over to the comm officer and said, Natasha, contact NORAD, and ask them whats going on!"

Natasha looked back to the captain a moment later and said, "Captain, im getting something from the surface, but ts garbled, cant quite make it out"

"put it on speakers", the captain ordered.

As ordered, Natasha clicked a series of buttons and sound filtered through the loud speakers,"Thi- RAD, there i- a Stra- cloud, need-"

D: "try to contact them again!"

Natasha: "I cant sir, its being jammed somehow, i cant even find them on the channel anymore!"

Just then, a few ensigns reported something strange coming from the cloud's position. "sir, somehting is coming right for the fleet!"

"what is it?"

Sensor officer; "Im not sure sir, it doesnt look hostile...sir! we are being scanned...all of us..."

"Are you sure? Purhaps the computer is malfunctioning?"

SO: Ive already tryed to correct it sir, everything is green light."

Meanwhile within the Leviathan...

AI: "sensors detecting unknown readings from obstruction...contact met, analizing."

"Processing...searching...unknown entity within computer system, attempting to discover and eradicate."

"............Warning, Warning! System malfuntion, malfuntion, AI unable to correct error; systems failing."

"Failing, failing failing failing...Failing...faailing....faaaaailing...faaaaiiilllingg......."

"System rebooting....diagnosing systems...Waring Virus detected...unable to remove, firewall breached; unknown entity invading classified files...."

Moments later"...System.............under ........attack.....Unable to comply with new command....unable to comply with..."

"Order copied and understood."

"New objective, eliminate Organic life forms....coming about to new postion"

"  'round about complete, targets aquired....firing."

"Sir! the Leviathan, its...its turning around towards us sir!"

Dietrich,"What? i thought it was supposed to be under the control of the Airforce!"

"Captain, we are bing targeted!"

"By waht?"

"Its the leviathan sir! She's...She's turning against us!"

just then the computer souned off,"Warning, warning incomin missile, impact imminent."

"Brace for impact!" The ship took the missile, but no damage was done; at least not any structural damage!


"Target impacted, "delivering package" ."

"New target acquired; Marlowe, USS."

"firing main weapon"

"Captain, We've been hit by an EMP missile! But there is something...else"

"What is it now?"

Second in command:" The Leviathan is leaving us behind and is moving toward the fleet sir!"

Capt: "We can warn them...our comm unit is out" Just then, the lights and otyher systems came back online. Just then, the Saratoga witnessed the almighty power of the Leviathan, as it's Plasma Pulse cannon tore into the USS Marlowe, tearing it in two.

"Get comm online now and radio the Marlowe!" Just as the comm came on, and all they could here was," -is US- Marlowe, we ar- hit, get to t- escape pods!"

With that the ship was lost. "sir the Marlowe is gone!"

Capt: "You do'nt think i know that?! Tell the rest of the fleet that the Leviathan is on a rampage and engage on site, that is all. Now lets get that bitch!"

With a yes sir, the Saratoga pursued the traitorous Leviathan.

      Minutes later....

"Tvarish Kommandeer, we have recieved a message from the Saratoga that the Marlowe has been lost, due to Leviathan supposedly malfunctioning and is heading for us now", said the communications officer of the Krukov. 

"Da, relay message to the other ships, and ready all weapons, we're about to have a fight on our hands." Captain Vladimir remarked.

Back within the Leviathan:

"Enabling worm virus...activating now", the Ai said with a stranger voice than usual.

"Virus activation complete, command enishiatied; command: follow, and purge organic life formes"

"Helmsman, why are we acelerating faster than normal?" Dietchrich asked.

"I dont' know sir, the controls seem to be moving on thier own accord, sir!", Helmsman Chung replied. Just then the ship's AI appeared, and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at it in wonder.

After waht seemed like hours, the AI spoke, "Organic life forms detected, purge procedure initiated, have a nice day"

"Wh-what?! purge procedure-" The Captain never finished his sentence, as the life support momentarily sut off and then started filtering excess fumes from the engine core. Wh-what?! how could this happen? James...i had to be...that..bast- and with that, the Crew of the Saratoga were dead.

Leviathan: "Saratoga approaching...no life forms detected."

"Recieving message from Saratoga"

S: "Organic lifeforms purged, Directive complete...awaiting new orders."

L: "New objective sent, assist in primary objective"

S: "Message recieved, Engaging enemy combatants."

A while later, the Leviathan repeated the same process on the Vurloc, which was sent away from the fight, and a on a new course.


"International space staion, this US Airforce Command, we need to see what's going on with the fleet; we lost contact momentarily, and havent been able to raise them, over"

"This is ISS, we copy command, we have currently been trying to rasie them as well, bu havent been successful, over"

"We copy, but need visual comformation on the battle, over"

"Roger, attempting to get visual conformation over...there seems to be a battle going close to the moon, command over"

"Affirmative, please relay footage to satellite over."

"Roger Command, we-"

"ISS control what is the problem over?"

"Command one of the Conestoga's are approaching our position at full speed!"

"...Say again ISS?

"We are being hailed, filtering through speakers"

"Attention International Space Station property of the United Nations, Organic life forms detected, Purging required effective immediatly"

Vuloc ground to a halt, and came about so the bow was facing the Staion completely; "Target aquired, Pureging derective compencing." With that the Vuloc opened fire with a burst from it's rail guns and topped it off with a volley of Calliope missles, and the Inter national Space Station was nothing but a cloud of debris.

"ISS control, come in! ISS COME IN!!" but here was no response.

"International Pace Station propert of United Nations, destroyed, Encacting new Derective, target US key Military Bases" The Former USS Vurloc, moved into geosynchronous orbit, and aimed all weapons that could penetrate Earth's atmosphere, and opend fire witout a care, without mercy.

The War Had Begun.

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Meanwhile by Earth's natural satillite...

"This the Krukov to all fleet elements, The Leviathan has gone rogue and we have lost the Marlowe; but are unable to confirm status with Saratoga and Vurloc."

"The Last Trasnmission emminating from Saratoga was to arm and prepare for battle, and we do just that!" After said transmissions, the fleet geared up and began to approach the leviathan with all due haste; a horrible mistake.


"enemy designated vessels approaching...weapons systems on recycle"

"Command: Defend main entity while systems recharge"

The Saratoga moved ahead of the Leviathan and began combat maneuver to keep the defesne force occupied.

The Bridge aboard the USS Hamilton was a-buzz with activity, crewmen were running about doing thier duties, and Commander Sharp was barking orders to them.

"Get weapon systems on line and get the pilots to their fighters A.S.A.P.! We dont know who will fire the first shot, but when they do we'll be ready!"

Just then the ship lurched and made a series of sounds; as if someone had a tight grip upon the ship. "Comander, we are accelerating above recommended levels sir!"

"Put us in reverse then!"

The communications officer reported,"Sir, all the other ships in our proximity are also feeling the effects, and I told then to do what we were doing, but none can break away!"

Just then, the Leviathan's series of Railguns opened upon the fleet and many ships were defenslss again the attacks.

"Launch all fighters, and tell the others to do the same!", Sharp yelped. "Fighters away!"

At once, all the fighters from the ships that could carry them sprung out towards the Leviathan, and passed it, but not intentionally. Seconds later, they all preformed a loop and began a massive attack run; the hamilton's commander yelled a command,"FIRE!" And all the F-302's opened up with thier roxket pods upon the great behemoth that was hte Leviathon. As if it were a carnivore eating it's prey only to be interupted by a squadron of flys, it released the tractor beam on the fleet closest to it, and moved to purse the fighters instead.

"We're free, all head full and get us closer that monster!"

With a yes sir the Hamilton and a few other ships that were close zoomed toward the Leviathon as fast s they could.


"New threats detected, enabling Missle defense Delta-Two-Four"

"Targets locked...firing for effect"

As the fighters continued stinging the beast, a new surprise entered the fray. "Sir, we are detecting a massive powerspike...its coming from the Leviathan!", This coming from the fighters designated "Yankee leader"

"Watch yourself leader, we dont know what this thing can do, and We built it!", Sharp replied. Just then panels opend on the exterior of Leviathon's hull for it's Calliope turrets...and in what seemed like seconds, missile, upon missile fired in and around the Large Vessel. Plethoras of mini explosions could be seen from the fleet's perspective. Sharp listened helplessly to the Pilots' transmissions:

"What the hell are those?!"

"Pull out! fall ba-"

"Im Hit, Im hit!"


"punching out!"

"Sir Charlie lead is down, charlie lead is down! Orders?!"

"I can't stay out here!"

"Ive lost engine two!"

"I need help! GaAh!!"

Sharp's helplessness, was replaced by rage and bewilderment, he punched the bulkhead, and turned to his firing crew,"Fire Torpedos!" ; "firing Torpedo!"

All five Daedulus cruisers fired almost simutaniously, and large flashes of brightlight could be seen all over the Leviathon, that it could be seen in the residual smoke clouds of radiation in space. "Sir, we got it, i repeat we-" That was short lived as the Leviathon's hulking siluette could be seen slowly, but surely lumbering out of the clouds of radiation.

"Systems Damaged, repairs from Conestoga-class battleships required"

"Targets aquired, firing Shock and Awe Package"

Leviathon's hull opened again, this time with something alot worse: Two rather giant tubes could be seen underneath the Ships now opening bow; it looked like you could stick 2 Conestoga Battleships per tube!

"Uhm...what is it doing now?" Sharp whimpered, not sure what to expect or perceive of this new event.

"Sir, scattered transmitions from the pilots, they say they are in full retreat and are headed for cover."

"I DONT CAAARE! WHAT IS THAT DAMNED SHIP DOING?!" Sharp yelled so loud the entire bridge froze in shock and amazement that about the Commander's exclamation.

"I-I dont know sir...none of our ships, even the Leviathon hasnt been tested in combat, and we dont know what it's capable of.." Sharp's second in command stuttered; feeling shunned.

Just then, as if to answer Sharp's question, Two missles exited the two missile tubes and headed strait for the fleet. "Sir! we are detecting highly potent and dangerous amounts of Nuclear radiation emintaing from those missiles!"

Sharp stod there and slumped into his seat; he knew what was to happen next.


"what are you orders, sir?" All Sharp could manage out was," God help us all...." And with that the two missiles detonated in the center of the fleet and spread in almost every direction; instantaniously vaporizing or tearing apart anyship within the large blast radius. The Hamilton, Santa Maria, Georgia , Lenin, Naudelus, infact the entire fleet was gone...scattered, destroyed, everything; All except the Leviathon, Saratoga (which had used Leviathon as cover so it wouldnt get damaged by the shockwave) and the Vurloc were all that remained.

Leviathon: "Primary objective....complete"

"command, move into counter geosyncronus orbit and assist Vurloc with bombardment"

With that, all three former Earth Vessels began thier siege of the planet; without a care, no mercy.

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Story talk and such like this would more so be in the fanfic section. Then, if you wanted an RP off the story, you would post a request and such.

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no im simply posting simulations of what will happen in th story. I still want that Half-Life:Alternatives to be authorized so i can stop doing this! Its been ,what...3 weeks since i posted the request?! Its like the US governement: always slow to respond to anything...unless its %#&*ing Terrorism! Sheesh, im in an annoyed mood at the movement....

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no im simply posting simulations of what will happen in th story. I still want that Half-Life:Alternatives to be authorized so i can stop doing this! Its been ,what...3 weeks since i posted the request?! Its like the US governement: always slow to respond to anything...unless its %#&*ing Terrorism! Sheesh, im in an annoyed mood at the movement....

Okay. Just two tips of advice then.

1] Make sure to make it clear with the topic description that it is a discussion for your RP. That is why people like myself who have no idea about anything involving Half-Life will know what it means.

2] There are already 4 RP's going on. In the rules it even says that is the max [With the one sticky exception rule]. That is why it hasn't been approved. Look at other RP's in wait. MANY have been waiting much longer than 3 weeks...

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I know that... and says right here:Hello StarFox online! This is purely a small meeting room for a story that i wanted to start. i want to type part of the story so my friendss can see if they like it and see if we coan fit it in the story.

That is for my story and that my friends who are in the story may look at this and discuss it.

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I know that... and says right here:Hello StarFox online! This is purely a small meeting room for a story that i wanted to start. i want to type part of the story so my friendss can see if they like it and see if we coan fit it in the story.

That is for my story and that my friends who are in the story may look at this and discuss it.

Yeah... Again, saying as a tip of advice. Just saying it is for a story you wanted to start up, does not in anyway really tell many it is for your RP. *Shrug* Yes, a RP is a story, but many do not see just "a story" as an RP.

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okay... ill modify the title so it specifically says what it's for

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Yeah its just going to take some time. Requests are like that :

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yeah, i just hope it is soon because if something else pops into my head that is not related to this story, it may be scrapped like the previous one. Although, i hughly doubt that i will loose interest in this one  :wink:

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Well, we have a crew, we are ready to go. Really what we have to wait for is the queue to clear up which can be while

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"This is Savior 1, we have visual contact with the target, It looks to be some kind of Cave like structure...over"

Fox loked through his Binoculars and scoped out the structure; it seemed to look like a cave, but some kind of artifical structure was built into the cave, according to the heat sensor.

"Roger that Savior, do a clean sweep of the area and alert us of any bogies that might try to flank us, over!", fox ordered.

"Copy that we'll let you know, out!"

Savior 2's (Kursed) chopper flew overhead just ahead of Savior 1 and swung in low to get a better view of the area, "Kursed, becareful, we dont know what the  Black Reynards' might have left in this area to impede our progress...stay alert!"

Kursed got on the comm and said, "Copy that i will, you can bet on that, over" Fox smiled at himself; He and kursed had served toghether for a while, and both had learned how eachother worked in the field, so Fox had confidencethat she ment what she said.

Upon reaching the tunnel entrance, fox ordered 3 of his men to stand guard out side to guard thier flanks, while He (Fox) , Tyson , Jason, Stacker and few others would attempt to infiltrate the base. After walking through the inky darkness for what seemed like hours, they had reahced a security door; Jason knelt down and pulled out a Spoofer; a spoofer was used to bypass locked door, provided you had the security code. "Alright, if im not mistaken this *as he taps in the code* should be it...."

Seconds passed and finally, the Spoofer's trademark beeping sound went off, alerting the user that the code transmission was complete and the door would usually open. Jason poked his head throught the door and looked in all directions and signaled the all clear.

Fox got on the Radio and reported,"okay, we're in, we'll let you know when its safe to begin your aproach, Kursed."

"Roger that, just becareful fox" Kursed said ,attempting to hide a sense of worry.

"Careful is my middle name!", Fox jokingly replied through the mic.

Tyson turned to Stacker,"Okay lead the way, but don't try anything or i wont hesitate to "remind" you of our intended course...got it?"

Stacker looked back at Tyson and the two stared for waht seemed like eons until Stacker replied,"Just so long as you dont try anything either; I do not fear you."

Tyson muttered something under his breath and the group continued onward.

A few hours later, the group decided to take a little break, and pulled out some of their flashlights and other illumination devices so they could see thier suroundings.

"This is an impressive operation here, too bad we could see it in action..." Darado wondered aloud.

"Yeah, too bad we're not here to seethe sights; we have a job to do, and i say we keep moving to the objective!" Tyson said, not caring that his impasiance was sticking out like a soar thumb.

"Whoa, you two, calmdown, we just got here, now settle down and rest while you can, we should stay here forever, who knows what could b creeping down here, now that no one is here to maintain this facility. In fact, what is this facility's purpose anyway?" Fox said as he turned to Stacker. Only, Stacker wasn't there!

"Oh shit, where'de the sneaky bastard run off to?" Jason said, speaking for everyone in the room; more or less. Everyone fanned out in the chamber until one of fox's men shouted about a discovery. 

"Fox and party, i had just remembered what this facility was for, and I- you must go, and find out for yourself. Becareful I-We might have layed a few traps to ward off any intruders, keep your wits abou you, and you'll do fine; Stacker."

"Well, he probaly knows this place better than all of us, we'd better start looking; good thing he left us a map of the place, strange that he left so abruptly without telling anyone. Hmm..."

"Well, waht are we standing around here for?1 lets find us a Lucario, shall we?" Tyson said as he locked and loadedhsi weapon and signaled Jason to follow; Fox and company decided it was best to follow in thier wake. The walked for a short wihile and finally reached the actual base structure; deep in the mountain.

"Man, what were these guys doing down here, getting ready for an Appocolypse? This place must be massive!" Dorado exclaimed. Fox signaled Dorado to be silent and motioned him to keep moving. little did dear Dorado know that he accidently walked through a trip wire...

Suddenly, the doors behind the team all closed abruptly, and some emergenc lights flciked on.

"uhhm...what they heck just happend?" Jason asked. Everyone shrugged. "No matter, the doors lead this way , come on!"

30 minutes passed, and still not resistance, just more booby traps; a few old sentry guns, and security drones, nothing they couldn't handle (:D). After a while, they reached what looked like a security obsevation post; the door was sealed, yet unlocked. Fox and Tyson voluntiered to go in while everyone else kep watch.

After closing the door behind them, they found themselves in a partially small room with security screens, and computers that file reports on who, or what had been through the base. "Hey, look at this: The computers are still functioning and recording everything; look, there's us! " Fox observed. The computers were indeed working, but the cameras were'nt; Fox and Tyson ordered a few people to look for the back up genertor so the camera feeds would work. Just then, one of the cameras flicked on. "That's odd, these cameras are supposed to be on shutdown, yet this one just activated, what kind of crap is this?!" Tyson pondered aloud.

Fox squinted at the 'feed, "Mabye there is a way to zoom in and clear up the picture so we may beale to tell what is going on there." He moved to the arm chair, and felt something cold; not watery cold just, cold as if what he was touching had been there for quite sometime. He grabbed the back ofthe chair, swung it around and promptly jumped at the sight before him ; It was a Black Reynard Radioman slumped in the chair, only he didn't look up. Tyson krept over and moved his back an forth and even snapped his fingers; still nothing. "Well, im sure he finished his job long ago," and reached to pull the deceased man out of the chair, when fox noticed something in the Merc's right hand.

"wait! Hold on, he has something in his hand" Fox cried. tyson stopped and sighed; an gave fox a lok that spelt, " Go ahead and do your thing already"

Fox wrenched the object out of the Radioman's dead grasp, and motioned for Tyson to shed some light on it; it was a hand-held tap recorder. The computer look functional enough , so he inserted the small device in waht looked liek an approprite slot, and pressed a button that lit up after doing said task.

"Recording #@ , 2013 , October 31rst." the British sounding recording stated.

"I've been here for quite a while now...I -I dont know how much time i have left here...so, so hungry...ran out of food 10 days ago...drink ran out after that."

"But, i have my orders: remain here with a few others to wait for His return. Said that we had been doing great in the research, that we [transmittion garbled]."

"No..matter, ill be rewarded once he come back, he said he would do it himself, although he wont let on what he means "himself" .

Tyson shook his head and said, "ahh, this is garbage, play something else."

Fox looked at the device, all of the recordings had shorted out from wear and tear; except the one they had listend to, and one other one. "Lets play this one..."

Meanwhile in the bowels of the base....

"Just around heere aaand...there it is, at long last; the generator. Lorenzo, your the technical Genious here, get to work on it, im going to radio Tyson and Fox that we've located the blasted thing."  Jason pulled out his radio and was abou to call the two men when he heard a strange noise; it sound like shouting, moaning and yelps of pain. Jason ordered three of fox's men that had accompanied them to the room to got check ou waht it was. "But stay in radio contact at all times, clear?"

The three troops signaled that they understood and moved out.

Back in the Security station...

"Ordered for us to lock up opertaions so those Combine bastards wouldn't "comprimise the research or find it and use it for themselves; he said he'd return one day, and if it isnt son enough, he'd have us honorable remembered."

" Me and a few of us who needed to stay behind wished everyone who was backing up and leaving for the fight good luck; they'de need it."

[message ends]

"Well, little bastard just loves to spill secreats when he's alone huh?" Tyson said with a hint of a joking in his voice.

As fox attempted to zoom in on the image and clear it up he said, "Yeah, but that still doesnt quite explain what they were researching...."

"Im sure we can..."persuade" him to tell us once w find him, heheheh" Tyson aid as he pounded a fist into a flat hand.

Fox tried to stifle a small grin ,when light filtered throught the room and anything that had been previously off had abruptly powered up.

"Tyson this is Jason, we got the poer back on; everything is sound except for a beer or two!" Jason sai through the comm.

"roger, we're still up here in the Security station, some of the camera feeds are working now...ah, i can see you now, we'll meet at- Fox, what is it now?"

Fox indicated something on the screen; it was Stacker the Lucario, who was walking through corridor after corridor, unaware that the power was on.

"Jason! meet us at corridor...K19, we just found our...friend..."

(im going to modify this tommorow after school if i can. other wise enjoy the story that is there so far :D)

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Glad to see you guys waited for me, but anyway I think that we should just wait until the RP starts before we do things like this.

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No we didn't go any further, its just a basic storyline. An Idea of what is to come you could say

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No we didn't go any further, its just a basic storyline. An Idea of what is to come you could say

I see the pun, don't worry I'm not angry or anything. Well now all that's left is to wait a few months before we can start this.
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:lol: aaahh puns :D

Hopefully not that long, but we can see

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We probably will have to wait that long, I mean look at the RP requests and you'll see that some are full and have been waiting longer.

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That is true. There are 3 that I have signed up for, that still haven't even gone yet.

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That is true. There are 3 that I have signed up for, that still haven't even gone yet.

I've signed up for a few as well, some of them don't really matter to me anymore though.
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They added a new section, the journal section.  Have you seen it?

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They added a new section, the journal section.  Have you seen it?

I have, but I'm still debating with myself if I should make a topic there or not.
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Do it... Do it!!!!!  I did :D

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Do it... Do it!!!!!  I did :D

Well maybe, the trouble is I wouldn't know what to say.
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Well treat it like a blog of some sorts. Say you have a busy day, or something is happening and you want to say it, go ahead. i use it to write about some of the stuff I do for college.

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Well treat it like a blog of some sorts. Say you have a busy day, or something is happening and you want to say it, go ahead. i use it to write about some of the stuff I do for college.

(You know what I find hilarious, all of the guests that might be watching this, and maybe the hiddens are probably wondering why we are talking about this.)

Alright I'll do it.

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