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Hello again.

Four-eyed Vulpine

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Four-eyed Vulpine here.  Yes, it's really me.

Life has been...hectic.  University has a stranglehold on my life currently, but I would say that half of it is my own doing.

I've been known to be a bit of an overachiever when it comes to academics.

I'm not blaming it on my inactivity for the past two months, though.  I would rather be honest and say that I had other interests during that time--mostly school-related.

I'm sorry that I haven't been living up to my duties as part of being on the site staff.  I made all of these great plans to make the place better, and they appear to have yielded to other things.

I simply struggle with satisfying my infinite wants.  But enough of my pity party.  There's always a bright side to things.

At least I'm able to maintain a decent income while taking classes.  My grades are staying high, and I'm actually doing pretty well in Differential Equations--a class I previously dreaded.  My life could be a whole lot worse than it is.

On top of that, I'll be 24 next Thursday.  Someone had to remind me.  Birthdays seem to be less significant after the 21st year, but they're still fun.  And the money from relatives is always nice.

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And here I was thinking the staff was never coming back. Nice to see that things have been going decent with you.

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Naaaaaah, our digital entities are still floating around cyberspace.  Though my entity got bored and came back, apparently. 

It's nice to chat with people that generally share your gaming interests.

Those kind of people are generally few and far between in reality.

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Nice to see your back, I know how you feel with university. My freshman year has been pretty hectic with my cyber and programming courses. Welcome back :3

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