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Many are familiar with me, some aren't. I'm EazyIN (Formely know as _Tribute_, Lucario *before the current Lucario joined* and the guy who typed in Olive all the time )

I'm from the South but I don't have the accent unless I shout, possibly from my dad bein born in Hollywood. Surviving through school, trying to stay focused and succeed so I can finally leave it forever and be successful with what I learned.

Currently, I am taking lessons in Guitar, and hope to start a successful career of that (My guitar teacher actually taught Butch Walker from the 'Marvelous 3') But I still wanna get the grades in school in case that doesn't happen.

I pretty much hate where I live, Sluts, skaters, punks, Kanye West, you name it, it's all here in the "wonderful" Peach State of Georgia.

I joined this website in April because I had just discovered Star Fox at the time and wanted a website to help me with any problems I might find and I eventually wound up here. I didn't sign up right away becuase I didn't know how well I'd fit in (everyone was currently around age 19+ when I got here) But I spent my whole day horse-laughing at some the conversations and arguments going on here. (Sadly, most of those days don't happen)

With my time being here, I made only 1 (maybe 2) enemy here. Though THAT discussion is far behind.

If you all noticed I took a long abscence from the site (SFO) mainly becauseStarfox just became another game to me, and I had pretty much lost interest in Video Games.


Because A. They restricted me from keeping my grades up

B. I still had a truck load of games for My PS2 and Nintendo I STILL hadn't beaten. Which now I only play when I'm at my dads (which is twice a month) when I'm VERY bored.

But I still go to and fro' now a' days just to chat when life slows down a bit (Like today) I still discuss games with everyone (mainly just stating obvious points form my Brother's GameInformer magazines which for some odd reason are all over the kitchen)

I've prety much sold/selling all my game systems (scratch the PS2 and N64) and games since I have no use for them. And even giving away my Game Stop store credit cards (to cousins and such)

So yeah, that's pretty much me. :l

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I'm glad to see you back, and georgia ain't that bad  :lol: at least were i live. In fulton county we got no acsents. You should consider your self lucky not living fulton though, when ever it snows we don't get out cause our Govna's a idiot.

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I was just in Fulton yesterday, we might have passed eachother and not even known it.

:shock: , But i didn't leave the houses the other day. I have the retarted science fair due monday!
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(I have returned!)

So yeah:

I'm currently passing all my classes (scratch math & art) but I'm getting some tutoring in my math to help me. (Trust me, I've seen all the 7th graders this year and I do NOT wanna get stuck with them and my 8th grade math teacher again)

My guitar learning has increased tremendously. I'm not a pro but I can actually play through a song and learn by ear and all that fancy stuff.

I completed my goal on having a girlfriend this year.

I've broken my quietness in reality, and have made a good number of new friends.

Still hate Georgia. >_>

But one thing that still kinda bothers me, is that the only person who actually understood me and what I've dealt with, recently "moved away" so my emotions kind of went down the gutter again. :/

But hopefully I can see her again "one day"...

And oddly, this New Years Eve was actually warm. And half the town I live in was out in shorts and short-sleeves like a normal summer day.

I've also increased my creativity in writing, and can finally write a legit 5 paragraph essay for my class.

And I think my state (Georgia) might enforce the gun laws even more. Because this past Wednesday, and young lad I went to grade school with recently got shot in the face with a shotgun because his friends were "playing with it."

So yeah, I'm -sort of- still the same.

(And I got taller...again)

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