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My Gmod Toy Box saves

Hatsworth III

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Well, the topic is self explainative, those are my toybox saves:

zombie zoo:http://toybox.garrysmod.com/ingame/?view=4460 (small place with zombies in a cage)

funtime spaceship: http://toybox.garrysmod.com/ingame/?view=5049 (small bus-like spaceship, it includes inside button-made control)

Go-Go mini jeep!: http://toybox.garrysmod.com/ingame/?view=5060 (small numpad-controled car)

free park!: http://toybox.garrysmod.com/ingame/?view=5123 (cool amusment park)

gigant mc tower: http://toybox.garrysmod.com/ingame/?view=5148 (gigant pile of minecraft blocks using minecraft block swep.)

flying tf2 characters: http://toybox.garrysmod.com/ingame/?view=5141 (tf2 characters that fly in a weird form)

a new order..: http://toybox.garrysmod.com/ingame/?view=5576 (a symbol of the fight of furries agnist fur-hating trolls, probaly i will make a fanfic about it. the trollface is under the table)

flying machine: http://toybox.garrysmod.com/ingame/?view=5590 (numpad-controled ship)

i'll update more, so in that time why don't you guys post your saves?

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