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*sitting down* "I say, that was a bit of a good gag, dear chap, and I shall have myself a laugh now. Ah-hah!"

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Guest Grimloq

Oh dear God... This can't end well.

*Sticks nose out from under a couch momentarily before hiding under it again*

<edit> @#$&, I really should check the dates more carefully in future... </edit>

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*walks in the entrance*

I taste teh randomness.

*I grab my DS, plug it into the wall, and start playing Mario Kart DS*

Taste my red shells, suckahs!!! :lol:

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*jumps over wall with teh Feather*

*watches the red shells hit said wall*

Nyah! :P

Eat Spiny Shell, 'natch! *fires* :twisted:

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*I catch a red shell and put my DS away, then sit on the couch*

So, what's going on? Are you guys in a fight or somethin'?

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OoC: Basically, what's going on is, through a series of PMs, my character Raj ended up being bitterly hated by his Renamon, mostly for saving Foxy's life and possibly virginity at the last second (and partly for whoopin' her bum in the process :friends: ). The R&R Fight topic was supposed to be the finisher for the feud, but that didn't work out on his end, so they've just kept on fighting.

IC: Alright, whelp, if there be no objections, then there'll be no guilt killing you! *thrusts Silver Demon at her throat*

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Though I highly doubt your ability to "break" the Demon, I'll call him off for now.

Hmph. Killjoy. Besides, he started it.

I swear, it's like watching over a little boy sometimes...

At least little boys have the-

-The what?

...the guts to stand up and fight.

Right, if you say so. Just stop killin unprovoked.

Yes, oh mighty sahib! I humbly bow to your request...not.

Just...shut up.

Next time she tries something on me, though...she's mine. And there's nothing you can do about it.


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