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Thoughts on Playstation Move/Microsoft Kinect


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As we all probably know, both Kinect and Move have been out for a little now.  Some of you may have it already, some may be looking into it, and some may shun it completely.  What are your thoughts, and do you plan to pick either up?

I've had great interest in Move since it was announced, and I'm still on the ropes about buying it.  My Wii has been collecting dust for ages, mostly due to the lack of games that suit my taste, lack of precision, and other minor annoyances.  The Move seems to have fixed quite a few of these issues; I'm especially loving its ergonomics and overall design.  I also am looking forward to playing Time Crisis Razing Storm or other light gun games again, and Move seems more accurate than the Wii.  The game Tumble has also captured my interest, it's simple concept with a unique twist. 

Since I have never owned a Xbox product, I can't say much about Kinect, other than the tech looks impressive, but the launch titles don't seem to utilize much of that capability.


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I never went for attachments like this. The only reason I used the wii motion controller is because the gamecube controller isn't compatible with all games. Besides The kinect doesn't sound like a awesome thing and I don't own a PS3 nor do I ever intend to.

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Kinect: A copy of Sony's Eyetoy camera

Move: A copy of Nintendo's Wii remote.

Copy-cats: Something that Mr. Nintendo wouldn't buy.

You bought SFAd right?  Wouldn't that make you said hypocrite? :P

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