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Fox the atomic scientist


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^ Jim Walker, the voice actor for Fox in Assault and Brawl. (Also Leon in Brawl)


^ Jim Walker, the compiler of a history of atoms.

He's a voice actor and a scientist! Who knew!?


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I want him to stay the voice for Fox! ^^ I loved him as Fox, but then again, I am, how you say, a fanboy.

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Probably different people. James, which Jim is short for, is a common first name, and Walker is a common last name.

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Woah woah woah hold on here. You guys are taking this wrong.

In no way did I think this was the same person,

I just came across this article and thought it was

funny to see the same name.

It wasn't intended to be a serious thing :P

I'd have to be extremely narrow-minded to

actually believe this was indeed the same person.

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