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Changing Yourself and Others?


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Someone else was watching this American comedy show about a family of 'nerds'. I don't know the name, might be the big bang theory, but whatever, not important. What is important is that I caught the end of the episode which annoiyed me. As such I want your opinion, particularry of the ladies.

What basicly happens is the geek has a gf. The gf is late for work and thus loses a days pay which she blames on his obsession with 'toys' (games, comics, collectables, ect) and that he's wasting his life. Depressed, geek goes to sell his valuable life long collection of toys. Geeks flat mate tells her how much of a hypercrit she is as she does exactly the same with pop culture tat. As a result the girlfriend appolgises and forgives him (!?) and they all learn a lesson. She won't be as demanding about his toy collection and he learns to live life rather then 'waste' it on geeky stuff. They hit the magic reset button, and after a few jokes the credits roll.

Now, I have no problems with person sacrefice for another. However I draw the line when it comes to people 'fixing' others. In short I would not be willing to give up computer games for a woman because she wouldn't love me, rather what she can turn me into. While I wouldn't demand she share my passion. If she would rather do girly things while I play Halo I would understand completly.

Another minor thing that is mentioned is the idea that intelecual hobbies are somehow unworthy and wasteful. I don't see how getting blind drunk, passing out and waking up with a headache and little memory is any more 'living' then a couple of hours of Call of Duty. I also don't see how Green Lanturn Corps is any less 'worthy' as a fictional work then The Hobbit for example.

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Well, the point of dating is to do stuff together. If I went over to my bf's place and he was glued to Halo, it's a waste of time. Unless we were to play together but that gets boring after a while.

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The definition of 'living' is different from person to person. I get the argument that video games are a waste of my time thrown in my face by my roommate/cousin all the time. He says I need to go out and 'live'. Of course his definition of 'living' is to go out and get shitfaced drunk and get high as a kite off weed.

That doesn't sit right with me. I do other things than play games. And whenever my friends come around I make sure to do what they want, not just cater to me.

On the subject of changing people, that can happen, but it shouldn't be the main reason to get in a relationship, that means a relationship would just be based off of control.

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