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Leaving for a while


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....to visit my best friend :B Yeah, clearly I'm away from December 27Th till January 2ND~

Wow, what a great start in this community, first being here and now leaving for about a whole week :lol:

No no, seriously, I've planned it a long time with her and I promised to come over to her, also I got invited by a friend of hers for a new year's party! :D

I don't know if I will be able to check up the board here, but I try to do!

So then fellas, I wish all of you a happy new year, and for those who will have birthday the upcoming days; I wish you all a wonderful birthday!


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Happy new year to you too, Saphy! Have fun! :D

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You're gonna miss mah birthdaaay. I should sooo smack you! .... But I'm not allowed to. So you're off the hook. XP

Juuuust have fun. >:0 Or else!

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She's missing my Birthday right now. Of course leaving is the best present I could have wanted out of her.  :trollface:

Just kidding, take care my fellow German speaker.

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Hey hey! Just checking what happened here while I am gone :D No I'm not back at home, I'm using my friend's computer :P

@Miyu & Emperor:

Sorry for leaving in the time where both of you and many others had Birthday :lol: I just hope all the birthdays were great and enjoyable :D

Also I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year will be full of joy, happiness and much fun! :D

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