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The Dead Series


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So not to clog up another thread, once again a half joke comment got turned into serious business.

While FF (Final Fantasy) is not for me, I understand why people like it, and that's fine, but recent games all but the most die hard FF fans claim it's gone down hill. It even won Giant Bombs "Take a Break Award" for game that need to stop or at least take a break. The only people who claim to like it (and let's face it, even the worst games will have some fans. eg. Me and Fear Effect) claim that the series has never been better, and their rapid devotion and tenacious attampts to silence critisism make it almost impossable to see anything but a textbook example of Cognitive Disonance.

Sonic the Hedgehog was good in it's day, but has similarly become a bad series with a 'cult' of fans that are alarming close to the classic discription of a cult. Of course they will have a go at FF fans and FF fans will have a go at Sonic fans despite being the same kind of denilism.

This can also work backwards. Before Oblivion, I had never heard of anyone who had played Morrowind or Daggerfall, but once Oblivion came out all the people who had also never heard of it suddenly became Morrowind/Daggerfall fanboys claiming they are the true fans and always have been. Halo, Call of Duty, Metal Gear, all these games apparently had legions of silent and secretive fans that only came out the day the one becomes popular. Personally I would call it retroactive fanboyism. As Offspring said, it's cool to hate.


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And once again, a half joke response makes you butthurt enough to start a thread about something trivial. As far as FF is concerned, I'm a fan of the mainstream games. The side games are okay occasionally, especially in the case of the FF Tactics series, but for the most part there's plenty of redeeming qualities about basically all the main games. The first seven were the series in its prime, with FF IX being a throwback to the series origin and thus being included. FF VIII was pretty horrible in my opinion, but oh well. X had a great battle system, I've never played XI, XII was pretty awesome in story, voice acting, and gameplay, and XIII had all kinds of potential which was, admittedly, wasted on instead making the game eye-candy.

Tl;dr, Final Fantasy is nowhere near dead, and even if they sometimes fail to make a spinoff game enjoyable, or even good, the main games most always have some redeeming quality and to be quite honest, I'm impressed by Square's willingness to experiment. I'm more used to Nintendo milking the same franchises of everything they're worth before even considering altering the moneymaking formula.

As for Sonic, yeah. It's a cult. A creepy, annoying cult.

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Yeah among the dead series that I don't believe will ever come back I'd say the one I wish they'd (at least try to make) would be the Conker series. And though "I" wouldn't actually qualify Conker to having a series it appears Wikipedia disagress but oh well, but I guess if you could count it a series it's definitely one thats grinded to a halt I mean the last game that was made was Conker Live And Reloaded in 2005 was for XBOX original and even that was just a remake of Bad Fur Day. May you rest in peace Coonker (even though in the game it say's in a way you can't die) I hope theres plenty of booze in heaven and I hope ya meet Berri there. You'll always be a fond memory in my heart. R.I.P Conker: 1997-2005

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