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General Pepper is Master Bison?

Guest Mr. N

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Guest Mr. Mario

While I was playing some Street Fighter 4 and Starfox: Assault, I happened to notice some similarities between M. Bison and General Pepper which could be a slight conspiracy...I will explain some of the similarites they have:


^General Pepper in his Assault uniform


^ M. Bison in Super Street Fighter 4.

While one of them are good and evil, they are both dictators and control their own army, plus they both have their own army organizations. (Pepper is the Cornerian Defence Forces, Bison is Shadaloo.)

Notice the emblem on both of their hats, they may look slightly different but if you changed the Fox head on Pepper's hat and switched it with Bison's Skull head, it would still look the same.

The designs on both of the characters look alike but different (Bison does not have the military badges nor the CDF logo on his chest.). For example, the boots they wear, Bison's boots are like Pepper's, only they are made out of steel. Another example would be their shoudler pads.

Coincidence? Notice anything else similar to Pepper and Bison?

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Who knows, maybe General Pepper was a rejected audition for a Lylat equivelant of Street Fighter :lol:

Good observation though, and you certainly have a point in character apparel design :P

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I'm gonna say no.

There is evidence to suggest that he is based off of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. His uniform, especially in earlier games, is quite similar to the costumes the band wore for the album cover.

See: http://www.buzzmontgomery.com/2010/06/beatles.html (The Itoh comic even went far enough to parody this image)

The hat in the image looks similar to a WWI Japanese infantry hat. Though, they're all Peaked Caps, even Bison's. This kind of hat originated in Russia in the 1700s.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:IJA.JPG

EDIT: Geez, I've been reading about hats.... I think I've been playing too much TF2... O_o

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Aside from the red, Pepper and Bison's costumes look nothing alike. Even their peaked caps are different, with Pepper's being more American and Bison's being somewhat German.

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That's funny, but ridiculous. You really turned me off when you said "slight conspiracy". :P

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