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Anyone else remember when Screw Attack first appeared? It was a great site, and was the first big site to use games reviews and coverage as entertainment. After it became popular and was pretty much on everyones daily bookmarks it quite litterally sold out, Handsome Tom was forced out and the humour went from clever and entertaining to lowest commin dinominator crap.

I still remember when I decided to remove it from bookmarks was when the feature video on a gamer entertainment website that used to give us things like AVGN and The Video Game Vault was of 2 teenager eating chicken until they were sick followed by a fat guy humping a Xbox with was replayed and slowed down for a good minute or so.

Since then the batton has been picked up by others, though now fragmented. The Game Heroes was the site Handsome Tom made. It's not as good as is poorly deigned as to be unusable (the podcast is a video format for an audio only show for example) and most of the rest went to The Guy With Glasses. Giant Bomb picked up the film feature they were working on and is currently my pick for this kind of stuff. The persona 4 endurence run is a great little show to chip away at. I would watch the deadly premonission one but I want to play that game myself.

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Guest Mr. Mario

Aparently, Screwattack just isn't what they used to be...neither is That guy with the glasses (Can't the critic review something better? Those last 4 movies he reviewed were unncessary.)

You're lucky the AVGN or the Nostalgia critic aren't reading this.  :trollface:

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The site I mostly visit for gamer entertainment is the spin-off site of TGWTG, Blistered Thumbs. 


Good place for honest reviews, entertainment, and gaming culture :)

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