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OK what is the official story line with starfox regarding the team. The Multi ending was a interesting ideal that can lead to many diffrent story lines.  but i feel allot of them are weak and rather emo and kinda taints the games.  first we are already talking about a charactor who's  lost his family and his only link to his dead father is Peppy and the Team so really the hero needs no more emo crap.  second introducing a ch actor which fox saves falls in love with only to be driven off into the enemies arms or runs off to become a bounty hunter would kinda crush or jade the main charactor.    not to mention creating a chactors just to fad along with her story line is kinda weak, I'm not a big Krystal fan but i am in for a good gaming story line so what will it be ?.



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What do you mean by "story line?"

The back-story to all the characters?

The canon story path though the games?

Something else?

One warning I must give you, though, if you're looking for great story you won't find it in Star Fox. The Star Fox Canon has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese.

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well swiss cheeze is a good way to explain the story line, i  think when you can get into the story line and the charactors it just brings you alittle more into a game.

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StarFox goes off to fight Andross and end a war

StarFox gets paid.

StarFox buys a jukebox and rock out for a few years.

StarFox is told about Sauria's decay, asked to go work a miracle.

Fox McCloud pulls said miracle off, meets some lady.

Fox lets said lady onto the team even though she so obviously looks like she's had no sky experience.

Despite that, she's trained and ready for the next war headed by Andrew.

War ends, new one starts with an invasion of the borg aparoids.

StarWolf, still slightly butthurt over their defeat in the Andross war, saves and assists StarFox.

They beat the queen, galaxy gets repaired, Fox finally gets laid, slippy gets a girl, etc.

Enter Command, team's in disarray and Fox threw Krystal out.


Who knows at this point.

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God DAMMIT Milky, giving harsh summaries of the Starfox games is -MY- job. I AM THE THE OLDFAG, NOT YOU. HGGGGGGN.

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