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As much as I hate the term "Metroid-vania" it is elegant in that it sums up what it is with no confusion. You have a grid based map, you find power ups that expand your combat ability while allowing to progress deeper and find more power ups. The big 3 are Metroid, Castlevania: Symphany of the Night and the underrated gem Shadow Complex.

I was browsing the internets when I came across a video for a game called Monster Tale, which on discription sounds like Pokemon meets Tomagotchi. You run around with a pet monster fighting other monsters to level up and gain new toys for your pet to play with and skills to use in combat. So far so dull.

Then I watched a video of it because they are usually funny and I was as suprised as the guys in the video to learn that it was in a fact a metroid-vania game, but instead of a robo suit you power up a MAG like pet that floats over your shoulder. The graphics have a look of the best game SNES/GBA forgot. Here's the video.


The game is currently only due for release in the US which means I'm going to have to find an import.

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Well if Metroidvania doesn't fit your fancy there's always Castleoid :P

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