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Kal's profiles (updated 7/9/06)


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For Kal, Raj, and maybe a few more.

Name: Kal aMari

Real name: Alexander Romekhan

Age: 17 (temporarily stopped aging – really 23)

Appearance: short spikes, headband, very long scarf running down both shoulders and covering his lower face. Picture, if you will, a cross between Kakashi, Raziel, and Guy from Fire Emblem (US), black hair, dark grey garb, tarnished gold buckles, and a green crystal pendant.

Occupation: true heir to the throne of Koulthos, leader of anti-Scourge rebellion

Weapon: twin razor swords, throwing daggers, Wind Stone

Style: similar to Hawkeye from Seiken Densetsu 3, only with longer blades and more speed

Bio: Alex grew up in an uneasy time. Soon after his father, Lord Romekhan, led the combined forces of the world to victory against the Dauthans in the Scourge Wars, several schisms broke out in the Koulthan nation, with ever-increasing rumors of civil war abounding. The sects would always, however, spare one day of the year to commemorate the victory against Raj with a day of united celebration.

It was on this day, when Alex was 17, that Raj struck back with a vengeance. In the brief-yet-viscious fighting that resulted, the royal family was split. Lord Romekhan was captured; Alex managed to escape, but not before seeing his mother brutally executed by Sarq, the Mystic who betrayed the world for a seat at Raj's right hand. Eluding the pursuing Scourge troops, Alex vanished into the night, swearing atonement for the blood shed that night.

Five years later, a man named Kal appeared on the outskirts of Koulthan territory, calling for an end to the reign of the Scourge-king and bearing the old Royal Seal. He has been slowly gathering a resistance movement, as well as the uneasy aide of the neighboring countries of Berea and Xanth'ul. He waits for the ripe time to return to the Castle Koulthos and exact revenge upon four main targets: General Revin, commander of the Scourge armies; Mephaust, the genius tormentor; Sarq, the traitor of the world; and Raj, the Scourge-King himself.

Whee-hee, I write too much! Raj's profile in the next post.

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Name: Raj Visillough

Code name: Silhouette Viper

Age: irrelevant (Dauthans don’t age), arrived on the planet fifteen years ago.

Appearance: An android with a human mind (a la Ghost in a Shell), although rather not human-oid in appearance. A snake-like head with a row of foldable two-inch fangs, blowing eyes, and a long neck. Spike-like protrusions on shoulder offer protection from the sides. Six-foot tall at shoulder when standing fully upright. Arms are as long as legs, with dexterous hands, long fingers, and wide, semi-prehensile feet. A spike-tipped tail reaches to just above the ground. Usually wears a ground-sweeping cloak with various designs printed on it to cover his…unusual torso structure. A relatively small sphere with a blue dot is imbedded in each arm, although they’re almost always covered up by the Silver Demon. The closest I could help you with it post a pic of the Lego figurine he’s based on.

Occupation: Former leader of a commando unit, Lord Romekhan’s top advisor

Weapon: Silver Demon (a shape-shifting weapon similar in structure to the Yellow and Green Demon androids), normally shaped into wide armblades

Style: varies, relies on agility and deception to confuse opponents

Bio: Raj was the prototype for Project Scourge, an attempt to merge the human mind (in this case, the mind of a fallen colonel) with an entirely bionic body, the success of which led to many more soldiers of a similar fashion. This is his second body; the first was a basic android, so he designed a new one to replace it. He served his country with unmatched loyalty, led his unit to many victories against insurmountable numbers, and ascended the ranks to second-in-command over the entire army. His commander, though, started to grow jealous. First of all, the robots that composed the army could be controlled; since the Scourge units were not true robots, they could not. Second, Raj had grown too strong, even besting the general in several sparring matches. He had become a leaking dam, one that if broken none could stop.

The last mission Raj accepted was an escort, carrying various top secret weapons deemed unusable by the military. The Broken Raven unit was commisioned to guard the cargo, while a flight of ships warded off attackers. Suddenly, the escort ships turned on the cargo vessel, gunning it down easily and leaving it to crash into the planet. Fate alone saved the ship from utter destruction, though. Since that day, the Scourge have been gathering resources to restore the ship, and return to their planet for vengeance for the betrayal. Gathering the resources to do so, however, has sparked numerous conflicts with the native people, including the bloody Scourge Wars, which ended in a stalemate and shaky truce between the Dauthans (as they called themselves) and the Koulthans, Bereans, and Xanth'ul.

Time hasn't stopped Raj's calculating mind, though. His latest plan has met with success; the coup against the Koulthan throne didn't raise any alarms that could not be silenced, the people were easily compatible with the mind control used on the robot armies, and they have accumulated more resources in the past five years than they had during the conflicts. His plan isn't finished yet, though; soon, he'll stretch his arm against the other countries, seize the entire world's resources, and use them to build an army of Scourge, with which he'll march triumphantly back to his homeworld and wipe the old army off the face of the earth.

But first, he must deal with this radical, a Koulthan unaffected by the mind control, one possessing great powers the likes of which the earth has never seen...

EDIT: Told ya I'd finally get it up! :shock: And yes, I do write too much.

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I've erased Mephaust's bio, as I neither have nor want a reason to use him again. He exists, but that's not important.

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Boom, baby! Raj's profile is up. And, believe it or not, that's the condensed version. ^_^

Next up: meh, I dunno. An explanation of the Silver Demon? Who knows, I may even change the topic into an Encyclopedia Koultanica, an overview of the world I'm envisioning...

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