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The Shadow merc team Profiles


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I'll be positing my team's profiles here for any quick reference

Note: right Now I'm going go post 4 of the team with-out full bios, I'll post the full bios when I finish all of them

1. Edgar Lombardi (callsign: shadow)- Brother of Falco, Leader of shadow's, has all chaos powers except healing, is both a skilled pilot and a skilled martial artist. uses plasma bo staff (darth maul's lightsaber for example) and metal pipe as main weapons ( is also trained to use a blaster but does not perfer it) Downfall: while he is very fast he cannot take many hits *think falco in SFAs*

2. Sam (callsign Raider)- Green Avian, has no last name, is quite a mystery, uses telepathy and chaos control, is an ace pilot but not a good hand to hand fighter, not the smartest either, reckless but strong willed. uses a plasma sword, a kitana and a blaster

3. Jessica Anderson (callsign Silhouette)- Blue cat, technical genious as well as a healer uses chaos control and chaos healing powers, is very intellegable and down to earth, pretty strict. has a secret crush on Sam

Downfall: While still an adequette pilot *think Peppy in SF64* She is the worst in the group and usually is better suited to taking out an enemies control systems than direct combat

4. Slinky Carterson (call sign Shade)- Black Chamelion Slinky is a little crazy, especialy for the ladies. He is the third best pilot (behind Sam and Edgar) and has the second most chaos powers (only Edgar has more). When fighting on land he perfers using indirect attacks with his chaos powers. He has no weapons besides his powers. Powers: Chaos Speed, Chaos Inferno, Chaos Blast, Chaos Spear, Chaos Control, Chaos Mobilius, Chaos infatuation, and he can make himself invisible

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