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Recently Fur Affinity (the furry art site) and Fchan (a furry image board with a focus on flith) have been on and off recently. What's strange is that rather then a 404 error, most of these errors were DNS errors. For the layman, think of a website as a car, a 404 is the car not working. DNS is the car isn't where it's sopposed to be. A DDoS attack is like slashing the tyres.

So far, so typical, here's where things get interesting. Fchan came up again under a tempory URL, (it has backups) and FA is still having issues (perhaps partly due to the FA staff being technically inept). Inkbunny, the next biggest furry site, has no problems or at least none they are talking about.

This is interesting because FA claims it's current issues are caused by DDoS attacks by some 'unknown group'. Some claim 4chan, but there is none of the usual 4chan traits. FA also claims that 'other sites' are also being attacked, but again, they won't say who.

Adding to the dumbness of the FA staff. They used an IP block, but it turns out the people doing the attacks are using IP masking and proxy servers. Really FA? Nooooo! I would never have guessed that they would show even a base level of network knowlage.

This raises the question however. Can a DDoS cause DNS errors because I didn't think they worked like that? The only cause I know of DNS errors is not paying the bills, and I doubt 2 of the 3 biggest furry sites on the internet are that dumb. So, does anyone suspect a particular group or method? Perhaps a legal issue?

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This layman thanks you for your car analogy

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