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Voting Blocks


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Voting Blocks (or blocs) are a group of people who band together to vote as a unit. So instead of voting who you really want, you vote for what the bloc wants. The idea is rather then being a drop in the ocean, you can be a bucket. For example, lets say you care about dolphins, you can join the dolphin group who all vote in favour of the man with the most dolphin friendly polatics. In America there is ever a Gamers voting bloc.

On paper this is harmless, in practice it can be used for coruption(back our cause or else lose x number of votes) or to eliminate any opposing views. A perfect example is Eurovision, where certain nations will vote for each other reguardless of quality. A more nightmare-ish example appears in fallout where a voting bloc gains pretty much control over the entire population, forcing people to do horrible things so the bloc doesn't turn against them.

EDIT- Since the poll got deleted by mods, are blocs good or bad in your opinion.

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