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The Dictionary of Unexplainable Words--Explained

Sol-Ratcht Saporro

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I wanna see I crazy this gets.....

Okay, make up a word, then define the word (Include whether it's a noun adjective, prounoun, verb, participle....blahblahblah). If you want, use it in a sentence. You don't have to though.

Okay here goes nothing!

zimphachael (noun)- A cross between some kid named Micheal, a chimpanzee and a zebra. A rare breed of animal indeed.

tortaquorkybol (noun)- a nice lounging area for people with delusions of grandeur and who are also drunk

shim (pronoun)- She and Him (Hmmmmm..... :oops:)

Etc. Etc. Let's see Webster top this! :shock:

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