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The Duck Face


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Now then, as all of you may or may not know; Although, you should, as this fashion sense is simply sweeping the nation with it's love-ability; The face that all pre-teen girls use that make all the pedo's go crazy, and all the boys hurl is this rather famous face.

For generations before, the mere sight of this face brought agony and death, as you were either seen as a witch; the deadly creature the resides in the forests, brewing potions, and casting evil hex's to cause your will; Or you got killed due to how stupid you looked.

BUT HAIL! As now, we live in an age where this magical and benign face can exist in proximate 10% peace of all the world, and DUCK FACES reign supreme on all the land!

This, my fellow users, is a topic to discuss, and post your own, beautiful, magical, invigorating, and lively, Duck Faces.

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Perfect definition:

"You know that face you make when you’re about to take that perfect picture of yourself for the internet?

You know, the pose where you push your mouth out in that sort of pout/kiss face to make it look like you’ve got big pouty lips, a super-defined jawline, and model-quality cheekbones?

It’s called “duckface”."

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The duckface is the worstface in history. Thats just my 2cents.

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