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Are you so obsessed with something that you made you're own OCs for them? (Bored again)

Ok, here's mine, he's the main villain for a grimdark MLP fanfic' I'm writing.

Sterben is a demon-lord that wants to destroy the world and use it as a hub to take over the multiverse.

He's a crimson alicorn (Unicorn and Pegasus, they're considered gods in Equestria) with the omega symbol as his cutie-mark, and he wears a black cloak. He also has bat wings, instead of bird wings.

Anyone who looks into his eyes sees the end of the world (Which in the case of the FanFic is the sun fizzling out). He has a cold voice sort of like a mix between Voldermort and Myotismon.

He has an unhealthy obsession with Luna and wants her to become Nightmare-Moon, he was actually responsible for her becoming Nightmare Moon the first time (Because fanfic is about making your own rules, and breaking Cannon)

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Well here is my character >>;... from my brother in laws Paper dice RPG he made Tales of Virtue.


The Kettar-Dul who lives in the Outer relms in the country of Ryo-Khan. Everyone called him Little Rushi he had a childhood friend who is human named Amawari whose dad was a blacksmith. When he turned 10 his parents rebelled against the emperor *or h/e its spelled* but they were killed. Aricka a Ninja from the Minoto Clan who was a cruel witch but is kind at times took him in, on his 17th birthday she sent him out to kill the Emperor but he got news his entire clan had been destroyed and his Friends father has been forced to be the royal blacksmith. Rusheo and his friend ran off to Mysinea the Country of Guilds. Rusheo from there became a merc using the katana his family left for him, at age 20 he got a job from a Mysterious Noeslen Draephus a mage well known on the other continent, all he asked for was a Demon heart. And so on his way he met a group of other adventures

Ellesius Avahlice, Olivia Lightbringer, Lunaeus the Ice elf, and Carrack the ogre paladin. and the Elemental Priestesses. And so they are on a journey to stop the Ancient race that came to the planet and terra formed it from having the Second comming of Metras a Enlightened who will asorb all the crystals from the Enlightened and ultimatly backfiring on the Ancients and becoming corrupt with power, and after this is all over they go to Feyrune or the Forgotten relms where there are many stange things.

Rusheo has a crush on Jade a human, even though they are diffrent species and cannot have children.

Those who look at Rusheo notice he is well tall and very strong most people fear him but once they get to know him he is a kind and gentle person. he has a Fox tail and fox ears but a normal human body.

His only downfall is his Drive and his Curiosity which usally either brings something life threatening or something exquisite. that and Telling a girl he likes how he feels.

His voice is like most Humans, which is odd since Kettar-Dul have very scratchy voices which you cannot understand.

His physicals Features:

-Green eyes

-Brown hair

-Retractable claws


21 str *max for his species*

18 CO *22 is max for his species*

10 int (normal)

9 DRV (1 below normal)

If you are wondering what a Kettar-Dul is its basically a Mithra...

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