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Life is like a muffin (The Game)


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Basically you ask some sort of philosophical question and then get all the main characters from a show you like to answer the same question and get different (And hopefully comical) results.

I'll start with MLP because every one should know that show by now.

Question: How would you explain love?


Twilight: Love is like a book. You read it, you enjoy yourself while you're reading it, and even when you're done reading it a part of it stays with you forever.

Rarity: Love is like a very formal dress. It's not about whether or not it's comfortable, it's about how it makes you look to others. A highly presentable dress should make pony's envious of you, while an ugly dress should be thrown away.

Dash: Love is like a sweet. You eat it, it tastes good, then you move on and do something else.

FlutterShy: Love is like an animal... Not that ever love an animal... At least not that way... It's about looking after them and being delicate and passionate... And always being there for them.

Pinkie Pie: Love is like a PARTAY!!! Where you get to have fun, and do stuff, and have lots of fun, and happiness, and joy and...

Applejack: Love is like an appletree. It's something you nurture. It grows and flourishes and then, *Picks up an apple* the fruits of your labour become something tangible. *Eats the apple* ... Although you wouldn't eat those fruits... That would just be sick.

Gilda: Love is like prey. It takes patience and skill, you have to stay in the shadows and strike when they don't expect. Never making yourself seen until you have your talons around their throat, only then do you get to bite into them and taste their sweet, juicy blood... Wait, what are we talking about again, and why are you looking at me like that?

Trixie: Love is like that magic trick you can never quite master. Not that the great and powerful Trixie has ever failed at perfecting a magic trick. It's always just beond your reach and no matter what you do you can never seem to have it.

Ditzy Doo: Love is like a muffin... Mmmm... Muffins... *Goes off on a complete tangent*

Nightmare Moon

Luna: Love is like Abacus. Helps me when ever I need help. Don't you ♥Abacus♥? *Hugs wooden frame with beads passionately*

Celestia: Love is an interesting subject. A whole heap of complex ideas that cannot be summed up in a few words. It's about; never hiding the truth from them and always being yourself, always being there for them no matter what happens, a willingness to make sacrifices, being able to have fun with them, and having compassion for your partner. It also involves a bit of fate. See what I did there? *Winks*


BONUS: First person to work out what Celestia was on about gets a free cookie.

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