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Your Top Three Classes

Gene Inari

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Just because this is always a fun thing to discuss. :U

My top 3 classes are Medic, Engineer, and Soldier. I prefer the support role, letting others do most of the fighting while I help keep the frontline strong with either healing as a Medic or teleports as an Engineer. If I have to fight, I'll just roll Soldier because that class has the most options for a combat class.

To get more specific, as a Medic, I usually have the Kritz as my main medigun unless I'm on offense on a Payload map, which I switch to the vanilla Medigun for the standard Uber. Then I have the Crossbow/Amp for the extra regen set bonus.

As Engineer, I usually roll as a Gunslinger Engie, spamming the mini-sentry. I switch to the regular wrench when on defense on a Payload map. I used to run with the Frontier Justice, but I much rather have the clip size of the vanilla shotgun.

Soldier I switch up the most, depending on the gametype/situation. In low-popularion games I have the Black Box/Vanilla shotgun. Much easier to go solo. Under normal gaming, I either have the Cow-Mangler or the vanilla launcher. My secondary is the Buff Banner.

And just to add a little more to the thread; your most hated class?

Mine is the Spy, just because I'm such a natural target. I get backstabbed as a Medic because I keep everyone alive. I get all my stuff sapped as an Engineer. In fact I was once triple teamed by a trio of enemy spies. Killed one just to get resapped by a second and backstabbed by a third. And as a Soldier, I'm simply a slow mover and easy to run behind on. If I know a side has a really good Spy, I tend to join that side so I don't have to constantly deal with knife-in-the-back syndrome.

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Medic, Pyro and Heavy.

Medic because it's fun and thrilling to jump around to keep everyone alive! :D And when you do, teammates are usually thankful... ;)

Pyro 'cause you can cause massive mayhem around you! Especially in enemy groups! :3

And Heavy... Well, I just like letting Hell loose on my opponents! \o/

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Engeneer. Usually use mini sentry. I'm a good offencive apparently. Teleporters to the front lines, all that stuff

I used to play Pyro alot, not much now though. Get to much complaining if your good. "M1 W pyro" followed by lots of insults. I like sniper and spy. Spy I used to hate, but I really like that I'm not dependant on my teammates to have fun. Problem is, being a good spy get's you alot of hate. Same with sniper. Even been kicked from servers for my good spy game. Recently more and more people have been able to see me when fully cloaked. Guess it's a hack involving custom partical effects that I keep hearing about?

I hate competative games.

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1st. Sniper

For I like Sniper Rifles, and the Australian look.

2nd. Heavy

Big ... Gun. It's fun to use him and I've had a lot of practice with this class.

3rd. Spy

Doesn't need an explanation. ;)

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1. Spy

I like causing paranoia and annoyance. xD

2. Pyro

I like reflecting crockets back.

3. Scout


I dislike the Heavy class though. Slow junkies that just spray-n-pray.

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1st, Soldier.

2nd, Scoot.

3rd, Engineer (though I'm not entirely good at it).

Most hated class, Pyros. I always,and I mean ALWAYS run into them at the most inopportune moments. More so than any other class.

*Sees a nice, medic healing a heavy up ahead, can dash in as Scoot and kill the medic.*

*Looks left*

Looks right*

*Looks behind*

*Goes for medic*

*Almost at him for maximum Scootergun damage*

*Pyro ignites me and keeps me from making it to medic long enough for me to get fucked over*

Bit of an exaggeration because I won't actually hesitate to look around, but I'm heading over to kill some high priority target, pyro out of nowhere.

Oh look, a tasty engineer on the move to set up a nest somewh- Pyro.

Also, enforcer spies. Hate the enforcer.

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1: Is Soldier. At first I thought I was going to suck with him, now that I've actually used him I can see I have made a terrible mistake in my first impression as he may just be my greatest class in the game.

2: Medic. While Medic I try to heal everyone I can. I only focus on one person if we are near enemies, assaulting a point, or if I have an Uber ready.

3: I want to say Sniper but since I rarely play him anymore I can't give you an accurate assessment. So mostly Demoman. I use the Sticky bombs for the most part, and when I have all the bombs ready for a trap I use the grenade launcher to fool the enemies and hopefully kill a few. Or if I am trying to hit a sentry that is out of reach without me being shot. I only use the Ullapool caber if I have very low health and have no way to get more, or if the enemy gets too close and there is no health nearby.

Sorry for the short post but that's all I can say.

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demoman- i learnz2aim with the loch N load and now i almost never not use it, that and the stickylauncher is murder

as the sniper i picked it up on a dare and now it's easily one of my strongest classes, machinima didn't help at all and i've learned to generally aim so i'm a asset not a waste of space

and scout because i coulsn't think of anything else i play so umm GO SCOUT!!!

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1. Sniper – My best class IMO. I love getting headshots and it's very easy to do so with the Sniper. Problem is Snipers are always getting yelled at on the SFO server because they're ‘‘not needed’’… :/ (Although that's usually true. I'm just aiming for Fureox's headshot record, so I can't help it. :-P)

2. Pyro – I love using the Backburner. It's easy to get behind people and just kill a whole lot of enemies in one go. Also, it's easy to take out Engineers and their buildings with the Pyro, too. A good class (for me) for helping the team.

3. Heavy/Spy – I don't play Heavy much, but when I do, I do pretty well in my opinion. ;) He's just easy to play and you don't need to do much of anything except shoot… :-P I love being a spy but am not that great at his strategies, but I can get quite a few backstabs if I'm serious about it. ^^ I also think Spies are good for scouting, too, since they can cloak and just go anywhere.


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I love being a spy but am not that great at his strategies

Just get yourself a Dead Ringer watch and you'll be a great Spy! (Milky- :troll: ing inside! \o/)

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I like theScout, Medic and Spy.

Scout: Becasue he's fast, and can pack a punch if used correctly. He has a fast shotgun, and it makes mince meat out of SPys and Medics ,a nd sometimes soldiers :D . (Not to mention I have a cool mod for the scout)

Medic:I like to play as Medic in just about every game I've ever played becasue you're the most important Cog in the war machine. If you have a Wounded teammate, its up to YOU to make the quick fix when they need it. Its very rewarding to see a team mate have that extra boost they need to slaughter the other team's men. That and hes German and I' pretty German soo....yeah...

Spy:Its just really fun to sneak around and get a kill now and then. Like one tie on the xbox verison (i play the PC one now), I snuck up on a heavy and saved two other guys on my team. Hes also in my opiion very essential to stealing intel on Twofort style played maps, becasue he can sneak in and have everyone take the fall while you walk out (or in my case run and swim out, i alwasy take the sewers) with the goods.

Hated Classes:

Heavy: Hes annoying as hell, and hes a huge target. His head is basically a water melon begging to be shot. Players tend to spray and pray, whihc is fine in that game, but it leaves them wide open since they can only look in one direction and their medic is the weakest link. If he dies, the Heavy is screwed too xD

Not to mention he had a freaking Minigun, so hes slowed down, especially when he sppols it up and or shoots with it.

Sniper:Like in ANY shooter game, they are the bane of everyone;s exisitance the Killjoyer of shooters. Everything goes just according to plan and then BLAM! You're missing part of your head. BUT they are fun to kill becasue like in any shooter they are the most ignorant and oblivious players ever, since they have a small line of sight when looking down the scope. So you can be ANYONE, even come at him with a baseball bat and kill him.

Everyone else is okay I guess, but *shrugs* meh

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1. Soldier

2. Spy

3. Heavy/engie

Come to think of it, I play almost every class except Demo and Sniper. The classes I hate dealing with most are Sniper (as anything other than Spy)

and good heavy-medics in smaller games.

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My top 3 classes?

Medic-Because it's a fun class for me and that im only good at this >>;

Demonman-Because laying mines everywhere and waiting for your prey is fun :3

Engineer-I like the building of the buildings to basically defend something yes it is a challange to keep them repaired but the challange makes it fun.

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