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Mario 64 Wario code


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I was looking around in google video this morning and I found this guy who kowns the color codes for mario 64. He changed Marios hat, overalls, t-shirt, ect. so it looks like you playing as Wario. You can e-mail him for you own costom colors and he'll get them to you as fast as he can. If the link below doesn't work goto google video type mario and look thuorgh the pages, if you to pages 12 and up you have gone to far. I had some ideas of a starfox out fit for mario.

Here is a link to a video of him playing as Wario.


Here is him playing as.....Yoshi?!?


I'll keep looking to see when he gets new stuff, Don't worry these code aren't from a ROM, they are Gameshark codes. I'll have already sent a email asking for these mario costums.


First Mario Bros.: Luigi

Mario Bros. 2: Mario

Fire Mario

70's Mario

007 Mario

and Black and White GameBoy mario

You can come up with your own costums, but try to stay in the basic color group.

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