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Is this board willing to have a Star Fox music Tournament?


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Hey all I'm from Arwing landing but I'd like to get some feedback from you guys as well.

I think Star Fox has some great music, and after seeing similar tournaments across the internet, I think it would be great if we as fans could do the same.

The tournament would be structured similarly tothis one here: http://boards.ign.com/sonic_the_hedgehog/b5224/203894952/p1/?18

Due to Star Fox's smaller pool of games, it would be smaller, but I would have to see how many people are willing to join.

I would need some support from one or both of the boards to start.

Music that would be allowed: All main SF games, SF 2, SF related Smash Bros. music, fan remixes, orchestrated tracks etc.

I will start If I can get 10-20 voters committed to keeping it alive.

Suggestions, comments, questions, and please tell me if you will actually vote.

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Well it would be interesting but there's already a thread on here to vote for your favourite song instead of battles and it seems Area 6 came out on top.

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