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Hey guys. So I've made a Tumblr account for posting Star Fox things:


Now, for the details.

What the heck is a Tumblr? :wolf:

Tumblr is a site that follows the principles of Twitter with a focus on images. It functions as a blog, but makes it easy to "reblog" (think "favourite" or "share") other people's posts, keeping your content all in one place.

What can I do with it?

First, if you have a Tumblr, follow! If not, then make a Tumblr. Or not. It's up to you, but if you follow the blog then you'll get a near daily feed of Star Fox-related content. And this is where you come in! Submissions are open, even to those without a Tumblr, so feel free to send me any of the following:

  • Fan art/crafts (please provide a link to the original artist!)
  • Fan fiction (also provide a link to the writer)
  • Official art (concept art, screenshots, renders, etc.)
  • Merchandise
  • Cosplays
  • Music (OST, fan-covers)
  • AMV's
  • Parodies
  • Let's Plays/Walkthroughs
  • Quotes
  • Star Fox-related anecdotes
  • ...anything else Star Fox-related that you can think of!

Just make sure to submit it under the proper post type (text posts are text, image posts are picture posts, etc.) ;)

What can't I do with it?

When you go to make a submission, first read the submission guidelines. This includes no slander, no flamewars, and no porn. The blog is meant to showcase the BEST of the fandom and series, so if I post a picture of Krystal or Panther or Tricky or whoever don't start being all up in my business with BAWW BUT DIS CHARA SUXX

Can I affiliate?

If you or someone you know owns another Star Fox-related blog or site, by any means! :> Just drop me an Ask.

Why haven't you posted my submission yet?

I put the posts in a "queue". That means a lineup of sorts so Tumblr automatically posts a certain number of them per day. Right now it's set to posting four a day, so if you post something and it doesn't instantly show up, don't worry. I might increase the post count if I get enough content.

So...yes. Get reading and posting, there's several pages there of Star Foxy goodness!


Fuck Yeah, Star Fox: great Star Fox fanart. Hasn't updated in a long time but they have a good store of stuff

Lylat Confessional: a blog for submitting your Star Fox-centric "secrets" or "unpopular opinions"

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Awesome! What's your Tumblr name, out of curiosity?

Inima-de-Lung is the actual account, but "Lung" is fine. (:


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Cool! Also guys feel free to make submissions. I think anonymous submissions are welcome so you don't even need a Tumblr account...just cool fanart, music, concept art, etc! I don't know if "trending" is a thing on Tumblr (I'm still kind of a n00b) but it's an eventual goal...

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It's kind of like if Twitter had a blogbaby. You post pictures, videos, text, etc. and can easily "reblog" the things that other people post, as well as take submission posts, answer questions, etc. Basically what I'm using it for is just to post cool Star Fox stuff, so fan art, music, AMV's, art from the games, etc.

I have the queue currently set, so it should automatically be posting stuff for the next few days.

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Of course, Myu :3

Anyone else with other submissions, give me them. I will be away from Friday till Monday and I want the queue to keep on posting in my absence. Thanks~

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  • 3 weeks later...

Topic is now stickied and I have updated the first post for clarity!

Also, if anyone would like to suggest a background or Tumblr theme for the blog, please do so please please please do so

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  • 2 months later...

Yup, just followed! Great work on the site, Dras; the overall layout works nicely and the theme along with background are quite pleasing to the eyes! Not to mention the wealth of information there. :P

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Heheh thanks; it's just one of the default themes. I wish it gave me the option to upload a header like some of the others do because I had the "Only We Have..."etc bit written in the Star Fox font D:

Happy following!~

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Any Starfox Character "Ask Blogs" you know of? I generally find those interesting if the person doing them isn't too terrible at it. :U

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Starfox-Tumblr is a roleplay group, and some of their roleplayers work as ask blogs (their Slippy is adorable!). I just got accepted as their Andrew like five seconds ago and I'll certainly take asks :> (though andrew is not cool like everyone else)

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This tumbler is just so great. There is a lot of good Starfox fanart, but this I believe is the greatest concentration of it! Thanks Dras!

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Just started following myself (I'm xeroxed-afterthought on Tumblr).

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Long time, no post!


Anyway, remember that Star Fox roleplay group I mentioned like three posts up? Well, we're looking for a ton of players right now. The most important characters we need right now are Leon, Panther, Pigma, Katt, Dash, Lucy and Pepper. However, you can apply for any of the untaken characters listed here, or any Star Fox character that exists that we might've missed on the list.


We are NOT accepting OC's right now in any capacity.

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We are NOT accepting OC's right now in any capacity.


okay so here's my character no bashing plz:


Morgain McCloud-Caroso née Lombardi the Hedgehog

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Species: catfoxhog/Krazoa hybrid (it's a cross between a cat and a fox and a hedgehog so she can go super fast and always land on her feet and she's related to Fox because she's his long-lost sister but also she's descended from the Krazoa and she can control aparoids because before she was born she was given aparoid DNA but she survived because she's not 100% aparoid)

Origin: Cerinia

Height: 5'3"

Weight: none of your business XP

Measurements: 42-24-36 she works out

Fur: silky smooth fluffy purple locks with white down the front from her chin down to her you-know-what and a fluffy furry tail striped with all the colors of the rainbow to denote her individuality

Eyes: one red, one blue, full of mystery and intrigue and a hint of all-consuming sadness from her terrible life of poverty and adversity that she has since overcome but not without lasting scars upon her very soul and when she's mad they glow red

Hair: purple and blue and red and green and a little bit of yellow like that nerd pony from the show about ponies

Alignment: good but she can also be bad like if you make her mad you wouldn't want to make her mad

Personality: helpful and kind and sweet and shy and compassionate but she's also ruthless and angry and if you threaten her friends she'll tie a noose out of your intestines and hang you with them but she's also fun and quirky and kind of flirty and totally nonjudgmental so like just by way of example if she were to meet a fat 26-year-old philosophy major in a dead-end job at walmart with no life prospects she would totally be into him and help him with his problems and cook for him and teach his ruined soul to embrace the infinite glorious joy of life but you know that's just an example

Weapons: a staff just like Krystal's but it also has Fox's blaster on the end, so it's sort of both, except it shoots lasers that are just as powerful as that one-hit kill rocket launcher thingy in Assault, but she's also like expert with all the other weapons like Fox's blaster and the sniper rifle and the grenades and stuff

Special abilities: she can do Krystal's telepath thing except she does it useful, like she can actually control stuff with her mind, and she's part hedgehog so she can move really fast like Wolf, and she's a super awesome ace pilot and she can build her own ship her in sleep and repair it with bubble gum and duct tape and stuff, and she can do archery and swordfighting and stuff but she can also paint and sing and dance

Ship: Dragonbloodlustwing Mk XVII.4896, it has quadruple hyper lasers and it can always shoot charged lasers with no delay and it can carry nova bombs and it has a machine that generates infinite nova bombs, plus it has shields that can block nova bombs from the Arwing, and the shields regenerate themselves over time so it doesn't need shield rings, and the wings are made of super strong lylatium which is a super strong metal that hides it from radar and it's harder than diamonds, and it goes so fast it can actually make its own warp gates, and it has a cockpit system that recognizes only her so no one can steal it, and if you shoot missiles at it has little guns all over that automatically shoot them down and it has a special cockpit system that can connect your brain directly to the ship and it might drive you crazy but she's the only person who ever mastered it


she's not a mary sue though, she totally has flaws, for example she's 5'3" which means she's short, and also sometimes she's angry, and one time she farted in an elevator or something but it smelled like fresh spring lilacs so nobody was mad but you know she still farted once maybe

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