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Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Star Fox Runner

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Seeing how we're all Star Fox fans, I assume we're all fans of flying games.

Has anyone here had the chance to play Ace Combat Assault Horizon? I have it and it's pretty awesome, especially the soundtrack. It's actually the first Ace Combat game I've played.

It also makes me want to get the 3DS version coming out soon, Assault Horizon Legacy.

Any comments?

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Ace Combat: Quick Time Event

Also known as Assault Horizon,

Have you played it? Did you like it? If you answered yes to the second question, get the hell out of my thread.

No, I'm kidding, but, seriously? This game feels like a complete let down to the AC series, playing more like it wants to be a Call of Duty game than a traditional Ace Combat game. I'm fine with innovation and attempts to make games more fun and interactive, but when you change the basic formula of a game, it...well...I guess it becomes Call of Ace Combat, or Ace of Duty (duddy is more like it)

For God sake, your airplane HEALS DAMAGE!

The Dog Fighting Mode (henceforth refered t as DOG FIGHTAH MODEZ) is pure shit, and the fact that you almost HAVE to use it, even on easy, to kill anything, (including MiG-21's flown by some third rate African hellhole's Air Force) is frustrating... especially when it will fly your happy ass into the ground. I never had a problem with it being hard to hit tougher enemies in AC games, watching good missiles shots just...sort of lose track of Offnir and Grabacr Squadron in other AC games was annoying, but understandable, they were elite, the best of the best, and, while its kind of a cheese way to make them hard to kill, it was offset by the fact that there were almost literally hundreds of other planes for every one of them ready to die at you on a moments notice. Meanwhile, I return your attention to these Hellholian Air Force pilots who are dodging my missiles as if they were Solo Wing Pixie himself! Unless of course, I use the vaunted DOG FIGHTAH MODEZ...and even then...they use their limitless flares to avid most of the missiles anyone, forcing me to use the (nerfed) cannon.

Also, speaking of flares...slight bitch here, but any anyone come up with a better place to put the flares.... cause L3 is a bad choice...it kind of accidently gets pressed while I'm...you know...flying?

Oh, yeah, and, having to press THIS button when THAT happens, but having to do THIS OTHER THING when THAT ONE STUFF goes down...is annoying. Seriously, pressing this button combination when targeted to preform a maneuver to evade, or slowing down until X arrow lines up with Y arrow, and then pressing these buttons, quickly followed by the machine gun....what?

You know what I miss? ACTUALLY PREFORMING THE DAMNED MANEUVERS. To avoid a missile in previous AC games...you...ran from it, dove, weaved, bobbed, and corkscrewed until it lost track. Now...you do a quick time event.

Further, in a game where situational and spacial awareness is key, jerking your camera all around to show off the "purty damage" doesn't strike me as a good idea, unless you intending to make me use my air sickness bag,

The fact that ti takes four missiles to kill most aircraft is annoying....and not even from the realistic stand point. I mean, we can't arguing about realism and talk about Ace Combat...you're carrying over 200 missiles here! However, in a game where you are supposed to be LORD DEATH in a plane, reigning your destruction on the masses of enemies...well, it seems to me that four missiles is a bit much. Besides, we all know the only reason they take for missiles is so they can show off the "purty" damage.

Seeing a theme here?

I don't mind games being hard. Ace Combat 5 was hard on higher difficulties, the missiles tracked you better and you died to one, maybe two, hits. I'm not sure the AI ever got in better, but they did get more accurate. The thing is, they could still be killed, and I didn't have to rely on DOG FIGHTAH MODEZ to make it happen.

The fight against Pixie in AC Zero on Ace was rough, and a hell of a lot of fun. Again, so supa DOG FIGHTAH MODE to bring him down, just skill and QUAM's, lots of QUAM's.

The helicopter missions were kind of fun (though I submit that a helicopter cant do a aileron Roll...oh wait, argument retracted, we chuck reality out the window).

The gunship missions were meh...I dislike having to use the 25mm zoom to spot infantry, only because it makes your search range so small. Also, the targets only sometimes appearing on thermal is annoying. In this regard, it failed to live up to its wanna-be CoD reputation.

Even with that scant praise, I feel that it is overshadowed by the fact that Ace Combat is... ultimately a FIGHTER game...and should have focused on fighters....or, maybe, it shouldn't have, because that got us to DOG FIGHTAH MODEZ in the fighter place.

I'm sure there's more, I just haven't got the ability to articulate it through my REAG at the moment.

I've been an AC fan since I played AC4 when I was a junior in high school (2002), and have played each game the DAY they came out since. I have since replayed all of them to the umpteenth time, beaten them on every difficulty and pretty much done everything to them, in them, and about them that can be done. So have many of you here. I'm not bragging, I'm merely pointing out that my Ace Combat pedigree should not, and can not, be called into question.

So...that's my rant, whats your beef, or, if you did like it, defend it...but that had better be good. sm_tongue.gif

Taken from another forum. Pretty much echos my feelings on the game.

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