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Killing Floor free weekend.


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From December 8th to December 11th, Killing Floor will have a free perioud so if you haven't played it yet, here's your chance. It is a good game, though quite difficult if you don't have a team that works well together.

If you're not familiar with it, it's a class based survival horror where you fight of waves of bloodthirsty mutants, each with special abilities. You can also weld up doors to create choke points and what not, and the classes also have special abilities. You rank up the classes by fulfilling certain requirements, and this can actually take a while to do (though you don't have to be the class to meet the requirements I believe, just as long as you fulfill them). You earn money, or "dosh" by killing the zeds or healing teammates and what not. You earn the dosh to buy new guns and such. Pretty fun game. Your ultimate goal is to make it to the final wave, and fight the Patriarch, who is large, heals a few times, and has a minigun/rocket launcher.

Oh yeah, and it's all in England, so almost all your characters are British, which makes it funny. If you have TF2 from prior to a certain date (can't remember), you should get to play as the Pyro in it.

And just because I can.







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Most likely will happen given they brought back the Summer Sideshow event for Halloween. Apparently there's also new guns. I've seen a Benelli Super 90 (M1014) shotgun, and an M4A1/M203 combo (no bueno).

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