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Star Fox 2 WCES 1995 unleaked beta article from EGM


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This article shows alot of interesting differences between this version and the leaked near-final beta ROM we have.

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Oh gods, the last line of the last page is ironic.

EDIT: "R-Wing" *twitch* :angry:

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List of known differences between this and final beta ROM:

*Character mugshots and Arwing models are different

*Level design is different

*There are only 5 levels instead of 11. (This includes all six planets, all four battleships and Astropolis from Expert Mode.) Battleship levels, Fortuna and Macbeth are not shown.

*Star Wolf, Charge Shot, and Cornerian Defense Satellite are not shown.

*Shield meters are the same regardless of Arwing type.

*There are no bases to enter in levels.

*Meteor takes place inside rather than outside.

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