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Clear's Italian Adventures - Update 1



Sunday 13th March
11:29 PM
Sitting here in the middle of the bus, half of us asleep, the other half watching a Bond movie. And here I am, paying no need to them as I type this. Just chugging down the autoroute to our destination. At least it's not noisy. Or hot. Or irritating. I do need to pee however. Really badly. Next stop isn't due for another half hour however. Eh, I can wait; I don't exactly fancy going into that stinkhole of a craphouse right next to us. Not complaining though. Trying to nap when I can, but maybe drinking that bottle of Coke was a bad idea... 8 hours I might not get, but I'll be able to make up for it when we get to Italy.
Gonna nap until next stop. Might do me some good. It's gonna be a hell of a long night.
12:05 AM
Waiting for the next driver to take the wheel. Managed to take a pee, I feel a lot more comfortable now. I think we're close to Montfaucon, it's slap bang in the middle east of France. Slowly making our way down it seems. How would be the puuurfect time to 'properly' 'experience' a FnaF game the way it's meant to be played... If I had one installed. Meh.
I need some air, and then I'm going back to napping until the next big explosion in the Bond film wakes me up.
3:52 AM
Still on the road in the dead of night. Just made it across to the other side of Lyon. Can't be too far now to the Italy border, surely? Managed to grab a couple hours sleep before I wrote this,it did me some good. Some of the frontrunners in the bus came to have a chat with those struggling to sleep.
Just hit a rest stop. Now typing this with a steaming hot cup of chicken soup. Delicious. I think this is the last stop before we hit Italy, but we are still pretty far out from the border, about another 75-125 km. Who knows, time'll tell.
Well, time to get some more shut-eye. We're only halfway through the darkness.
Monday 14th March
6:11 AM
New dawn, new day on the outskirts of the Alps. Even if it was only for a few hours, I slept pretty well. I can see the massive high rise of the mountains beginning to stretch out around us, covered in snow. Such a pain that it doesn't snow back where I live. Some of us are still sleeping, others moaning about not getting any sleep... Try not listening to music all night long for once, God dammit. So then... Where's life taking us now?
7:37 AM
Welcome to Italy, Clear. After spending the best part of half an hour in one huge tunnel, we finally emerged on the other side to snowy hills and mountains. I was amazed. It just rose up in all directions around us, and we were down in the bottom of the valley. Just under 12 hours and we made it. Still gotta make it to our actual destination though.
8:57 AM
Just had brunch at a rest stop and checked in with the lads at SF-O to see what I missed this weekend. Snow everywhere I can see. Looks very pretty indeed. Battery's running a little low, so gonna hold off on writing the next entry until it's charged a little bit.
11:17 AM
Hit another rest stop, not much to say on this one. We're now heading to the Ferrari museum in... Think it was Milan, I might be wrong. I'll find out in a bit. Left the snowy hills behind for the grassy plains. Flat, flatter, yet flatter, to misquote that famous Undertale line.


(Will add more soon, as well as pics! :) )

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