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Corneria's Alliance with Earth



During my story, the Cornerian have been making strides to develop an alliance with the planet Earth. Originally, they were planning on waiting until the humans became more tolerant since they were not yet at the level of making friends with space aliens. (Is anyone really surprised) However, the Cornerian caught wind that one of their enemies have discovered Earth and were planning to invade and take over the planet. Because of that, they had to act quicker than they originally planned. They were able to easily get started since they were familiar with the planet and a good amount of humans. The Starfox team acted as representatives of Corneria as well as mediators and negotiators of sort for both their home planet and Earth. They were especially selected for this by their general because they have already been Earth. This position was very much the perfect fit for them. They have named this unity the Earth Cornerian Alliance.

This alliance has come with a lot of challenges and difficulties, just as the Cornerians have predicted. While some of the humans were open to the idea of developing a friendship with the Cornerians, others were opposed to the idea. There were a lot of people who hated the idea of making friends with aliens for a number of reasons. Some hated the Cornerians for looking different, other feared that they would take over the Earth. There were many that believe that the Cornerians lied about having enemies that wanted to take over the planet as a means of scaring people into believing that they had to form an alliance with Corneria in order to protect their planet. There were also some who were scared of the Cornerians changing their ways of life. The Cornerians did everything they could to hold back on changing the lifestyles of Earth. This put some of the people's minds at ease, but there were still others who still believed that it wasn't enough. These challenges have taken on a number of difficulties that have lasted for a span of 4 years. The Starfox team's dealings with these challenges have been taking place during Ultimate Story 2.

One of the difficulties that they have faced mainly came from humans that hated the Cornerians and wanted nothing to do with them. They were opposed to the idea of the alliance that they have formed a group of their own called Humans Against and Alliance with Corneria (HAAC). They would do many horrible things to the Cornerians in order to force them to leave Earth and never return. They would even go so far as to threaten and harm other humans as a means of carrying out their goals. Some of them have even form a group known as the HAAC clan, a major issue that the Starfox team were subjected to deal with many times. The Cornerians knew that these humans would pose an issue if they were to act too soon, but if they were to leave Earth, then that planet would fall prey to their enemies all too easily. It was a decision that they were forced to make.

The person running HAAC was a mysterious and ominous person in a crimson robe who addressed himself as the Supreme HAAC Leader. Sometimes, he is addressed as the SHAACL (shac-cul). (Is it Ok to have an acronym within an acronym?) This guy has been causing a lot of problems for the alliance from the very beginning. No one knows who this mysterious person is, no one knows why he's doing what he's doing, all that the Starfox Team knows is that he's pure evil. Some say that he was just a random individual who has chosen to step up and lead the humans who were against the Cornerians, but he is actually an individual who has formed HAAC. Little by little, the Starfox Team finds out just how evil the SHAACL really is as well as how far deep is influence towards HAAC have been. They eventually find out that his influences have even extended to the humans all over Earth. It even dates back to thousands of years. The SHAACL turns out to be a far worse enemy than they had ever realized and over time, they would find out things about his influences that would clarify a lot of issues with the human race. They would even find out things about the true nature behind what had forced them to form the alliance that even they didn't realize. The SHAACL proves to be an even greater evil than they had ever prepared for.


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