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Unexpected Feels



Ok, so I usually avoid the word "feels" unless I'm being annoying or among close friends so I can understand if the title made you cringe a bit but whatever.

I've been a bit under the weather and for some reason sick me really wanted to play "Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap" again. So I did. I'm happy to report that I'm just as bad at it now as I was ten years ago. Well I'm better at the puzzles now but I'm just as bad at actually playing the game. It probably doesn't help that I'm emulating it because I gave a friend my (sisters) GBA SP so he could play some classics and I refuse to play it on my original advance because screw proper lighting. (Right, the sister thing. Parents got it for her for Christmas because she always wanted to play mine but the novelty wore off in like 2 months and she gave it to me.)

Anyways, I'm playing through the game, minding my own business just wondering around in the bliss of nostalgia and allergy pills when I ran across a piece of dialogue that hit me much harder than it should have.

If you don't know or can't tell, that's Zelda and this is what shows up when you try to "Speak" with her. For reasons still unknown (it was probably the allergy pills though) it felt like I'd been punched in the gut and then I spent the better part of the next half hour with this really stupid feeling of urgency. Here I am, running around cutting grass, making shady deals with shrubs, encouraging 40 year old fairy men to do... whatever it is they're doing, and smashing broken rocks together with anyone who will deal with me and all the while Zelda is just here. Being a rock. So I hammered out the next two dungeons in something like an hour and a half. Also during that time the plot decided to keep me out of the castle so I had to start a new file to get those screen caps.

So yeah, once again a video game made a bigger impact on my emotional state than life has managed to do since I became a jaded bastard out of self preservation. Go me.


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